Star, Kendall? Jenna suddenly closed Instagram account – Sohu just yesterday we reported to Kendall · Jenna driving red retro cars, to push the stunning beauty, there are fans reply Kendall · background; Jenna closed his Instagram… The main page Jun was not seriously, today suddenly want to it took a look at the Instagram, it has not found Kendall · Jenna personal Instagram. Who has broken the tens of millions of fans, and won the top five last year, the largest number of photos of the Kendall Like · Jenna even without warning off our Instagram, who knows she experienced what… At first we thought it was because the stolen account, but her Twitter is still in operation, there is no special emphasis on myself why turn off, shut off is short. In fact, · interviewed, Kendall before; Jenna once said, to maintain the Instagram or other social media is really in trouble, sometimes want to give up, perhaps one day will suddenly shut down. But the most surprising is her fans, but anyway, I hope she can quickly go back to Instagram, do not let people wait too long. The first WeChat trend from the media to herself, to defend the WeChat ID:swagdog press down the left side of the two-dimensional code concern after the point of a praise again相关的主题文章: