Two major oil producing countries to jointly stabilize the price of oil Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! One is the world’s largest oil producer, one of the world’s largest exporter of crude oil, Russia and Saudi Arabia issued a joint statement on the evening of 5, agreed to cooperate in the oil market. The two oil giants handshake to make the market as exciting, international oil prices soared after a breakthrough of $49 a barrel, $6%. Lin Boqiang, director of the center for energy economics collaborative innovation, Xiamen University believes that the cooperation of the two oil producing countries will have a positive impact on the international oil market. Oil country bailout is to explain the existence of downside risks to international oil prices." Guangdong oil and Gas Association, the oil minister Yao Daming said that the current global economic downturn, the problem of excess oil supply is still not resolved. The world’s two major oil producing countries jointly sound bailout to help boost market confidence. But for now, Russia and Saudi Arabia’s oil production has been at a historic high, there will be willing to freeze, and other countries are willing to cooperate with the still unknown. In fact, this year, Russia and Saudi Arabia intends to join forces to rescue the market is not the first time. In February 16th this year, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Qatar, the two countries reached a consensus on frozen oil production, agreed to freeze oil production in January this year, the level of. But in fact, the first half of this year’s frozen production action is just empty talk. Iran and other domestic oil production has not yet recovered, are not willing to cooperate with the frozen production. At the same time, Russia, Saudi Arabia, not only did not freeze production, oil production has continued to hit a new high. "The producers do not want to see oil prices fell below $40 a barrel, so the risk point, began to shout out." CICC oil analyst Guo Zhaohui said that the joint statement of the two oil producing countries aims to stabilize oil prices. Guo Zhaohui believes that at present, Iran, Nigeria and other countries, oil production has not yet fully recovered, is expected to be held in late September OPEC meeting in Algeria, it is difficult to reach a consensus on the views of frozen production. In addition, the impact of international oil prices is an important factor in North American shale oil. At present, the shale oil has two consecutive months of recovery, is expected to resume growth in the three quarter. Shale oil is unlikely to cooperate with the production of frozen, if other countries freeze production, oil prices rebound, the pace of recovery of shale oil will be faster." Longzhong information oil analyst Li Yan said that the oil market has always been "up than expected, or in fact". Joint statement released on the day of the market is expected there will be significant news, after a sharp rise in oil prices, but there is no substantive new measures landing, closing up significantly narrowed. In addition, in July the Saudi Crude oil production hit a record high, Russia’s crude oil production is also the 24 consecutive month of year on year growth. In such a state, it is difficult for the two countries to require other oil producing countries to freeze together with themselves. According to the Xinhua News Agency (copyright): all contents of this website, where the source: "futures daily" all the text, pictures and audio and video data, copyright are all futures daily, Ren相关的主题文章: