"China movie investment forum exchange feast will be held on 21 – people.com.cn Hainan Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Hainan channel in Haikou in October 14, October 21st 2016, Chinese Film Investment Forum in Hainan?" will be held in Haikou lake, it is written here, the forum brought together from China mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan and the United States South Korea and overseas top film director, screenwriter, producer and investor. It is understood that the domestic and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan more than 40 people to attend the film forum, a film industry exchange feast, is about to light up Hainan,, it is worth looking forward to. It is reported that the film to attend the forum, on behalf of the film market in recent years, the most active and most popular film power. Among them, the mainland China square, attended the filmmakers including Feng Xiaogang, Xu Zheng, Tian Yusheng ("the way", "former Raiders?"), Huang Jianxin ("back to back face to face", "the founding of a republic", "Beginning of The Great Revival"), Wang Hongwei ("Crazy Stone", "China divorce", "green", "Gold Panda"), Yang Chao ("a journey", "Yangtze River map"), Guo Fan ("Lee adventures", "my deskmate"), and other well-known director, beam Hwan ("I love my home"? "Thunderstorm" and "love", "architect. One way of Thailand??"), Dong Runnian ("the cook?", "black actors?", "old gun burst with joy"), Ding Ding ("one way? Thailand?", "Kung Fu Panda 3") and other well-known writers from Hongkong and Taiwan; the famous director Peter Chan, Chen The wealth of nations etc.. Feng Xiaogang’s masterpiece "I am not Pan Jinlian" director Feng Xiaogang, director Chinese is one of the most bankable movie he directed, "I am not Pan Jinlian" in the sixty-fourth Film Festival in Spain Shengbasaisidian gains the highest award – Gold Award in the film shell, recently nominated for the forty-first Toronto Film Festival special screenings, and won the Toronto Film Festival 2016 fipresci. Director Feng Xiaogang took nearly 20 years as many as 20 well-known film, among them, everyone for having heard it many times of the representative of the "Party B" of the "known" "A World Without Thieves" "the banquet", "assembly" to "If You Are The One" the Tangshan earthquake "" 1942 "etc.. It is reported that the 2017 Year blockbuster movie director Feng Xiaogang "Youth" will begin shooting in Haikou, the movie "green" is to plan for the wildly beating gongs and drums, starting in January next year. Xu Zheng’s masterpiece "Hong Kong?" at the film comedy director — Xu Zheng is well known, following the 2012 Xu Zheng Zibianziyan directed "in the way" and "again??. Thailand?" a Chinese film box office champion, 2015, Xu Zheng and self "," Hong Kong film? "Hong Kong?" with more than 1 billion 600 million perfect beyond the previous box office, set a new record of Chinese film box office 2D. Director Xu Zheng also with the film "one way of Thailand??" won the fifteenth China Film Awards Best Young Director Award and the fourth golden broom award ten Chinese New Year director, since then, he was with the film won the Asian Film Awards "the highest grossing" Asia Award, further established its domestic most)相关的主题文章: