Li Rizhan autograph session in September 24th landed in Shanghai set off a frenzy of thermal – Sohu entertainment Lee day Zhan Shanghai autograph Sohu entertainment news the day before, the new generation of singer Li Rizhan in Guangzhou held their first personal autograph session, a warm response. The company should be the majority of fans, will be held in Shanghai in September 24th for him to hold second games. Li Rizhan released his first album "fantasy Knight" after harvest praise continuously. In addition to the big name music producer cooperation, but also in the sales list out of good results. The brokerage company also decided in the second half of the launch of the second musical works, in order to repay the fans for a long time waiting. A big producer of music works full of sincerity as escort new music, "fantasy Knight" Li Rizhan’s first album is full of sincerity, not only after the issuance of the first week of sales success, won five gold fifth, and for 7 weeks in the list, by many critics alike. The album is also the preparations for which lasted for more than a year, has not only worked with Jay Chou, S.H.E, Fish Leong king in singer songwriter Xu Shichang Zhang Jianjunwei, the gold medal won more songwriting, has been invited to Yao Beina, Victoria Song and other famous singers making songs Zhu Jintai as producer, a strong lineup, the production of sophisticated. The whole album overall style of youth fresh delicacy, in addition to the love songs, also there is no lack of passion Sunshine Youth song, Li Zhan, properly express frustration in the face of trouble songs and attitude, even if the white hair is always tears? Shout, rock and pop music too, that moment is blood. Full of energy. Song MV is across Milan, Rome, Tokyo and other places to shoot, full of sincerity. The fans will sing songs or feedback support it is reported that in September 24th the autograph session on the same day, in addition to the album, Li Rizhan also sang the song in preparation for the new EP, let the fans in Shanghai to listen to. In addition to the end of the Guangzhou and Shanghai will be held outside the field, the signing will also be held in more different cities, please look forward to! Li Rizhan autograph ShangHai Railway Station information activity date: September 24, 2016 14:00 location: Shanghai Minhang District City, No. 6088 humin road Minhang Cade long dream?相关的主题文章: