Tiangong two 15-20 launch: the system in good condition – Temple Beijing No. two space lab plan will be 15 this month to 20 at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center launch. Yesterday (13 days), the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Launch and control, communication and other systems, together with a number of departments of the Beijing Aerospace Control Center held the training and testing of all the tested equipment status. CCTV reporter He Chun: I is now the location of the Jiuquan satellite launch center command and display hall, the Temple No. two mission of the training, this is the last rehearsal before the launch. Drill from 8:30 am, in addition to the Jiuquan satellite launch center, including the Beijing Aerospace Control Center, distributed in the country, such as a number of measuring points and other units are also involved in the region’s training. Training simulation of rocket launch 3 hours prior to Tiangong two is separated from the rocket, launched after the solar plate turning period of password, communication, monitoring and control other aspects of the whole process of proofreading. Li Guomin, deputy chief designer of the measurement and control communication system: according to the state of my task, I did a simulation exercise to test the correctness and accuracy of all the test equipment in the whole area. Exercise is very successful, fully equipped with the ability to perform Tiangong two tasks. At present, the rocket and the Tiangong two space laboratory to check and confirm the status. Tiangong two state space system and its application in normal, with good coordination. Berlin Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five Tiangong two space laboratory director general designer thick: we want to re the aircraft power on launch day, and then confirm the status, to ensure the normal state, no danger of anything going wrong. CCTV reporter Wu Jie: the completion of the exercise also means that all systems involved in Tiangong two launch into the shot Pro state before the rocket is still behind me in the tower, waiting for the start of the launch window and determine the propellant.相关的主题文章: