118 to 111 victory over the Fujian team   Beijing Shougang Basketball playoff spot – Sports – people.com.cn last night, in 2015 to 2016 CBA regular season in the thirty-sixth round, Beijing Shougang Basketball home court beat Fujian Bank of Quanzhou team to 118 than 111, stop losing momentum at the same time, ahead of the two round playoff spot. Shougang team recently poor situation, Yue Sun, Zhai Xiaochuan and other major players injuries, leading to each team only 7 to 8 people can rotate. The last round of home court against Sichuan after the team, the team has three defeats. The face of the current round of the Fujian team had missed the playoffs, coach Min Lulei hopes the team took out the fighting spirit, to overcome the problems of slow start. Last night, Shougang team started the momentum, 8 to 4 lead. But since then, the Shougang team defensive slightly relaxed, so that the pitcher won a number of external opportunities, the first section of the Shougang team instead of 26 to 31 behind. In the second quarter, with the attack of 10 to 0 in the beginning, Shougang team won the score, and began to control the situation. Foreign aid Marbury and Maurice played aggressive, two people in the first half of the team contributed 30 points, let the team with 62 to 51 lead to end the first half. The last round after losing the horse made an micro-blog site, has always been the capital of the fans cheer for the team to apologize, and on behalf of the team to ensure the future does not appear in the game, the poor state of the lack of spirit. Marbury’s position has also been the support of teammates, Fang Shuo and other young players have said, to play behind the game, defend their home. The emphasis on ideology is on the court, that is, concentration in defence. In the second half, three competitors use the advantages of foreign players Crazy Chase points, grabbing rebounds with more positive protection of Shougang, with more closely marking restrict the other scorer. Paratelum, other foreign aid dewbacks show a hot hand, hit consecutive three pointers, the poor Zhuizhi only two. At this time, Zhang Qingpeng stepped up his three shot to help the team to stabilize the situation. Shougang team finally won the game, but also locked the playoffs seat. After the game, Min Lulei’s face smiled a little. He said bluntly, "the team is doing well in willpower today, and there is no ideological slack." He said, "if you don’t win this game, the team can’t guarantee the playoffs, which is a pressure for the team.". Fortunately, the team played very tenacious, and finally stick to the teeth down. Looking forward to the next game, Min Lulei believes that after the playoffs, the team will also lay down the burden, let go, will definitely play better.     118比111击败福建队 北京首钢男篮锁定季后赛席位–体育–人民网 昨晚,在2015至2016赛季CBA常规赛第36轮中,北京首钢男篮主场以118比111击败福建泉州银行队,止住连败势头的同时,也提前两轮锁定季后赛席位。 首钢队近来状况不佳,孙悦、翟晓川等主力球员出现伤病,导致球队每场比赛仅有7到8人可以轮换。上一轮主场不敌四川队后,球队已遭遇三连败。本轮面对早已无缘季后赛的福建队,主教练闵鹿蕾希望全队拿出拼搏精神,克服开局慢热的问题。 昨晚,首钢队开局就打出了气势,8比4领先。但此后首钢队防守稍有松懈,让对方投手获得了多次外线出手良机,首节首钢队反倒以26比31落后。次节,凭借开始阶段打出的10比0的攻击波,首钢队反超比分,并开始掌控局面。外援马布里和莫里斯打出了侵略性,两人上半场联手贡献30分,让球队以62比51领先结束上半场。 上一轮失利后,老马专门发了一条微博,向来现场为球队助威的京城球迷表示歉意,并代表全队保证今后不会出现比赛中拼劲不足、状态不佳的情况。马布里的表态也得到了队友们的支持,方硕等年轻球员都表示,要把后面的比赛打好,捍卫自己的主场。 思想上的重视体现在球场上就是防守中的专注度。下半场,在对手利用三外援的优势疯狂追分时,首钢队用更积极的拼抢保护篮板球,用更紧密的盯防限制对方得分手。末节,对方外援拜克斯展现出火热手感,连续命中三分球,将分差追至只差两分。这时,张庆鹏挺身而出,他的三分远投帮助球队稳住局势。最终首钢队顺利拿下比赛,也锁定季后赛席位。 赛后,闵鹿蕾的脸上露出了些许笑容。他直言,“今天全队在意志品质上做得不错,没有出现思想上的松懈。”闵帅表示,不赢这场比赛,球队无法保证晋级季后赛,这对全队来说是个压力。好在全队打得很顽强,最终咬牙坚持了下来。 展望后面的比赛,闵鹿蕾认为,打进季后赛后,全队也会放下包袱、放开手脚,后面肯定会打得更好。   相关的主题文章: