Zhao Nan: a jellyfish gene gene detection will enter the ordinary consumer mass – Shenzhen Channel – people.com.cn original title: genetic testing will enter the ordinary consumer mass detection gene is a popular vocabulary, this year’s "double week", there are a lot of gene detection and downstream Si Liangxiang. But gene testing is expensive for ordinary consumers, and the market has not yet formed such a consumption habit. When the cost goes down, will more ordinary consumers be willing to do genetic testing when they are not ill? Chief scientist Zhao Nan Jellyfish Gene, genomics is based on precise medical and biological information technology, deep learning and analysis of large data mining technology to jointly promote the development of human being, into the precise medical era, one of the important applications is gene detection data of prevention, rehabilitation and health management based on. In promoting consumer level personal genetic testing services and disease prevention, jellyfish gene has detected more than 3 samples, ranking in the forefront of the industry. "In the field of precision prevention through gene testing, this year could be the first year of consumer genomics."." Zhao Nan told reporters yesterday, a jellyfish gene from Beijing entrepreneurial team, the core members are returnees high technical personnel, at the end of last year to start a business, independent research and development of jellyfish precision health management system is the system for the prevention of diseases with accurate data as the core, to achieve a major disease warning, to provide personalized and accurate health management plan. The booth presented a thick physical examination report, which not only comprehensively analyzed the disease risk of the sequencing people, but also put forward personal life, sports fitness, nutritional supplements, medical examination and other customized suggestions. In the Jellyfish Gene management system, the reporter saw that consumers first provide saliva samples, jellyfish genes using high-throughput sequencing system and biological analysis platform, comparative analysis of measured data and proposed ultra early prevention of personalized customized health management program. Zhao Nan told reporters, because the consumption habits are different, jellyfish technology is still with the institutional customer cooperation, such as health management institutions, insurance agencies, etc.. "This market will be much bigger than the hospital population." Zhao Nan said, at present a set of testing cost is about 2000 yuan, the next year is expected to compress to 1/3, ordinary consumers can also bear. (Chen Yuzhu, commissioning editor: Wang Xing)

水母基因赵南:基因检测将走进普通个人消费群众–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:基因检测将走进普通个人消费群众   基因检测是一个热门词汇,今年全国“双创周”上,有不少基因检测及上下游公司亮相。但基因检测对于普通消费者来说成本较高,而且市场上也尚未形成这样的消费习惯。   成本降到多少时,会让更多普通消费者愿意在“未病”时做基因检测?在水母基因首席科学家赵南看来,基因组学是精准医疗的基础,在生物信息技术、深度学习和大数据分析挖掘技术发展的共同推动下,人类正在进入精准医疗时代,其中一个重要应用是基于基因检测数据的预防、康复以及健康管理。在推进消费级个人基因检测服务及疾病精准预防上,水母基因目前已检测3万余样本,在业内居于前列。   “在通过基因检测实现精准预防领域,今年可以说是消费级基因组学的元年。” 赵南昨日告诉记者,水母基因是来自北京的创业团队,核心成员均为海归高技术人员,去年底开始创业,水母自主研发的精准健康管理系统正是以大数据为核心的精准疾病预防系统,旨在实现重大疾病预警,提供个性化、精准化健康管理方案。   展台上展示了一本厚厚的体检报告,不仅全面分析了测序者的疾病风险,还提出了个人生活、运动健身、营养补充剂、医学体检等私人化定制的建议。在水母基因的管理系统中,记者看到,消费者首先提供唾液样本,水母基因采用高通量测序系统和生物分析平台,比较分析测量的数据并提出超早期预防性质的私人化定制健康管理方案。   赵南告诉记者,因为消费习惯不同,水母科技目前还是跟机构客户合作,比如健康管理机构、保险机构等。   “这个市场人群将远远大于医院人群。”赵南表示,目前做一套检测的成本约为2000元,明后年有望压缩到三分之一,普通消费者也完全可以承受。 (责编:王星、陈育柱)相关的主题文章: