15 the province revoked honest account   "two. Waste" reflects the China anti-corruption characteristics – Politics – people.com.cn original title: 15 provinces to revoke the "honest account both of the two waste" embodies the Chinese characteristics China news network news September 10th anti-corruption (reporter Zhang Yanling) in the past 16 years the user account from the stage of history. At the end of August and early September, Sichuan, Guangdong, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hainan and other 15 provinces has revoked honest account. The news caused widespread concern in the community. Honest account, namely "return" accounts, account is set up by the government, party and government cadres accepting gifts red envelope, such as unable to return or close to pay, are paid to this account. After once checked, with a certificate of payment, can reduce or exempt from punishment. The earliest establishment of the independent account of Ningbo, with the first "581" (homonym I do). Subsequently, the "981" (don’t), "510" (I want cheap), "35581" (homonym for "do not send me my honest account appeared") etc.. These independent accounts for a very long time indeed played a positive role of "pedagogical, saving lives". Why cancel? In fact, since the emergence of the ICAC account has been the pros and cons of the dispute. According to the Southern Weekend reported that honest accounts have been abolished in Guizhou and other provinces. A few years later, some of the places where the revocation of the independent account in the dispute and restore it again. This time, it is the second time the revocation of the accounts. The two behind the two waste, is a true portrayal of Chinese characteristics of corruption. Some people think that the government does not want to make money account officials, neither refused to bribe too "offbeat", but also quietly refund will own "wash white" is a "win-win" approach. At the same time, so that officials turned over to their own independent account, automatically digest the stock of corruption, reduce the cost of investigating corruption. Media commentators think the people heart, account as many corrupt officials "shield", but can not eliminate corruption and fostering corruption connivance. However, the most honest account of the most criticized, is no legal basis. Identification of criminal law on the crime of accepting bribes, is the national staff taking advantage of his position to obtain other people’s property, or illegally accepting other people’s property, for the benefit of others, will reach a certain amount of money without filing for, you can avoid the penalty clause. Therefore, he called for an end to the earlier, and the rule of law contrary to the spirit of "anti-corruption tactics". What is the meaning? Concerned that the revocation of honest account means that the discipline inspection departments blocked cadres accepting illegal gifts. "Cancel account is a good thing, broken corrupt retreat." Qiannan, who asked not to be named staff told the media that can supervise the cadres always remain sober minded, consciously resist unhealthy practices, and resolutely to reject gifts. Xinjiang Commission for Discipline Inspection, said in August 11th, "undo honest account, can dispel a few people put the account as a" Bunker "implementation of violations of discipline luck, also can quickly pinpoint whether there are violations of Party cadres." Media commentator Wu Guoqiang believes that the revocation of honest accounts,相关的主题文章: