2016 car life configuration big secret count your car accounted for? Sohu – car car [produced] no secret with the popularity of the car in China, symbolizing the people’s quality of life has increased dramatically, the car is more and more low threshold, and road vehicles and immature young drivers are getting more and more, our life lies in all the driver’s hands, how to make the accident damage reduction to a minimum, in addition to strengthen safety awareness and self driving skills, automotive safety technology is the key, from the earliest known as safety belts, airbags and ABS ABS, more and more people of advanced science and technology into the allocation of safety auxiliary vehicles, compared with those of these are flashy without substance, the last one the key moment of the life insurance barrier:? Peru Jun comments: airbag for the car, is not what fresh configuration, almost. Is in a car, but the number of air is the key to decide the grade of the car in general, car 100 thousand yuan now, almost all equipped with 6 airbags, including the main passenger, side and head curtain airbags, 10-12 high-end models can be equipped with air bags, increasing the rear side airbags and knee airbag some brands also, unique design of airbag safety belt, certainly not in order to when a collision occurs to the maximum protective effect on the body, even Volvo for pedestrians equipped with external airbags, of course, 10 airbags will not have a safety belt, cut down. The secret? Jun comments: Here we will not discuss the implementation principle of this feature, but this is a critical moment not kill car configuration is ABS braking and TCS traction control on higher order active safety based on the handling of the car when the driver exceeds the limit value, the vehicle may have oversteer and understeer and other unexpected situations, the ESP system will intervene quickly, by applying a braking force to the wheels and corresponding modified vehicle trajectory. At present, some foreign countries for car companies have been forced to install, because of cost factors, in China 100 thousand yuan models began with, and sometimes only with models have. The secret? Jun comments: when it comes to car four-wheel drive system, we first thought is cross-country, rescue and other scenes, but for our common city of SUV, which is equipped with four-wheel drive system can not meet the road pavement, the most is to achieve a simple relief effect, and some high-end car body is also equipped with four-wheel drive system, the fundamental reason is to improve the driving stability, the formation of double insurance and ESP system, a substantial increase in traction, and drivers in the whole body tracking more stable, especially on the wet road surface effect is more obvious. The secret? Jun comments: in the present China traffic accidents, there are more than 30% due to a puncture caused by the high speed tire is pushed to the brink of death and life, tire pressure monitoring system can monitor the tire pressure at any time, can significantly reduce the risk of high speed burst, many foreign countries more than a dozen years ago, has forced car installation, but in China awareness is not high, the majority only appear in the high allocation of vehicles, the installation rate is even lower than ESP, but this configuration in our Car Buying can not be neglected, even if the vehicle does not have, post installation.相关的主题文章: