2016 Henan recruit 6123 civil servants scale record 2016 Henan provincial exam recruitment announcement, registration time for the November 25th -30 – reporter Hou Mengfei the time and again, many buddy waiting for the provincial exam finally came. Yesterday, the 2016 Henan civil service recruitment examination announcement, the province plans to recruiting civil servants 6123. Compared with previous years, this year’s announcement what are the characteristics and changes? Enter oneself for an examination, should pay attention to what? The number of | recruiting 6123 people, the scale of record according to the announcement, the provincial exam registration time for the November 25, 2016 8:00-11 30 17:30, a total of 6123 recruiting. Among them, 5162 provincial cities; county (city) 343 provincial units; 249; provincial prison system 169; provincial tax system, the following 200 people. The recruitment of public security, procuratorial organs and post job recruiting more than 1200 people. It is understood that in recent five years in our province the number of recruiting test were: 4727 people (2012), 4035 (2013), 4932 (2014), 6026 (2015), 6123 (2016). Can be seen from the data, compared with previous years, this year’s enrollment scale hit a record high. Although the number of recruiting this year and last year had little difference, but has the slight change of recruiting jobs. Henan Huatu civil service examination research center expert Zhi Ying Ying told reporters, compared with last year, a substantial increase in the number of recruiting, provincial, provincial units, the provincial prison system, the provincial cities of the following tax system, county (city) decreased the number of recruiting. Changes in |2017 graduates, but also to participate in the examination of the province to participate in the examination of the qualifications of personnel, the province has also made a corresponding adjustment. There are some changes in the threshold for the first time in the office of public officials banned test, and in 2017 the fresh students can also participate in the provincial test. Announcement: 2017 graduates can participate in the exam, which means that the senior can not only participate in the 2017 national examination, but also to participate in the 2016 provincial exams, graduating students obtain more opportunities to obtain the probability of success, also increased significantly." Chi Ying Ying said. In addition, the province Zhaolu test to further reduce the threshold, first proposed the full-time high school and college graduates obtain technician senior workers, technicians (preliminary technician) (senior technician) occupation qualification, college graduates, respectively by means of recruiting treatment; lowering the threshold to the secondary level. The recruitment of civil servants for the first time clearly prohibited from participating in the examination. In this regard, Henan Oceanlink civil service examination research center expert Kang Wenqin believes that the limitation of serving civil servants to participate in the civil service examination has gradually become a trend in the implementation of the national various provinces and cities, which means that the stability of Henan recruiting civil servants pay more and more attention to civil servants. For | short time, registration, examination pressure of competition or a new high in 2014 in Henan province to test, the province of Sanmenxia, Shangqiu, Zhumadian three to take on-site registration;.相关的主题文章: