A golden sail to employment recruitment help college students "interest and enjoy future employment" came to the annual "golden nine silver ten" the traditional recruitment season, the first formal job in millions of graduates who are on the brink of life. In order to help solve the employment problems of college students, seventh college students employment season charity job there was to set sail again in autumn in September. The event organized by Zhaopin, the proposed joint CCTV news, around the league and college employment office participation, help students find their own hobbies, to enjoy their own future career. From the first half of 2016 the employment situation, the economy new energy played a positive significant effects on stimulating employment, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in the domestic market after the 95 graduates still have strong demand for recruitment. According to the recruitment of previously released "2015 annual report" Chinese best employer, not job seekers 90 factors when choosing the priority is to pay and benefits, but the pursuit of their own interests. In order to cope with the changing trend of the labor market, the recruitment through this job there was to "public welfare activities, to build bridges, between enterprise and university graduates, to help enterprises understand the real needs of the employer after the 95 graduates, let students" interest in the process of employment employment in the future ". In order to give full play to the effect of the seventh season activities "employment bit", Zhaopin will jointly own platform resources, in cooperation with CCTV and other authoritative media, focus on Enterprise Recruitment Information and activity process of release, and more than 1 thousand and 300 domestic colleges and universities jiuyeban synchronization to carry out promotional activities, and a huge amount of users and college course grid to carry out strategic cooperation and event information will be pushed directly to millions of college students, the practice, people post docking. In addition, Zhaopin will also provide the ability of employment counseling services and occupation certification authority, improve graduates employment ability, provide the reference for the enterprise recruitment authority. The employment bit online topics will be segments of the industry and professional set special recruitment, carry out strategic cooperation with well-known enterprises, opening up more interesting and full-time internship, help graduates quickly find their most interesting work. Zhaopin will also invite outstanding young artist Ma Tianyu as the Youth Ambassador, called for more 95 graduates to release the vitality of youth and wonderful future. Job there was to be public activities by Zhaopin hosted a one-stop solution to the employment problems of university students for college graduates to provide employment guidance and practical help, called on the community to resolve the employment problem. So far this event has been successfully held in the six quarter, the number of enterprises involved in increasing year by year, a total of more than 11 enterprises involved in the work of 2 million 600 thousand to provide thousands of college students, to participate in the resume graduates more than 10 million people. At the same time, Zhaopin will also provide coverage of the entire occupation career development and job opportunities for students to build two-way communication platform for job seekers and enterprises, achieve optimal matching of talent and employment. Zhaopin is Chinese leading position.相关的主题文章: