A sweeping and mopping work shoulder, no chores secrets rely on it – Sohu technology sweeping robot is now a lot of buddy home essential thing, do not have to sweep the floor is still quite cool feeling. However, on the market now sweeping robot style too much, a lot of fancy features, uneven in quality, the real strength is not good. However, today very gentleman buddies to bring this sweeping robot, is the absolute strength, it is one of the Ecovacs robot drag sweep treasure after another S. The name Meng Meng, but the strength of hard lever! This is the last Ecovacs robot explosion sweeping robot treasure after another upgrade section. Using Ecovacs’s unique Smart Move technology, real-time path planning, the rules of the bow shaped cleaning route, avoid sweeping robot running rattling. Let the whole cleaning process saves time and electricity. Single mode makes the sweeper robot in the designated area clean, clean after his return to the starting position, to avoid a dirty place, the whole family to sweep ~ machine body is equipped with 30 sensors, can accurately determine the location and direction. After a clean-up, the shortest path to calculate their own return to charge, reduce product loss. At the same time, Ecovacs has improved its climbing jump avoidance capability, general carpet ah, the threshold can keep it, the highest over 1.5 cm high hurdles. The treasure S equipped with Ecovacs original blue whale cleaning system, bilateral brush, roller brush, suction is enhanced. The "sweep before drag" form, first remove the surface dust, then wet mop. Moreover, cloth dry integration design, drag after keep the floor dry, do not need to wait. Be able to really sweep one, one step. The treasure Ali cloud APP S support control, can be a key to start cleaning, check the cleaning time, cleaning has the area etc.. Treasure blossoming S full 4 hours, the life time of about 110 minutes, a clean-up area of 200 square meters. ————END————– want it? I send you ah! There are 10 sets of Ecovacs S sweeping robot free blossoming treasure! Fee! Send! Man gets 1 open WeChat search method, and the number of public concern: 2 key words: sweeping fruit net reply相关的主题文章: