All the car against the trade credit sale admitted the car accident car accident car sale that everyone knows "shame" after Yong re integrity trading capital favored Zhang Hongjie second-hand car has been the focus of concern, but also the second-hand car trading platform is easy to suffer one of the user in question. Recently, along with the "real personal car source, 249 professional testing, no car accident" as the slogan of the trading platform all car second-hand car (hereinafter referred to as "everyone") was "the face", the media reported that the individual owners buy everyone in the car accident car. After obtaining the relevant information, "China business newspaper" reporter responsible person to verify the situation in the first time to contact all car market department, in an interview with reporters, the official said: "everyone car always adhere to protect the legitimate rights and interests as the highest principle, after receiving the relevant user complaints, the first time to get in verify the contact condition and promise to return the car." According to the integrity of the appearance of all vehicles, automotive industry renowned commentator Yan Jinghui said: "the second-hand car platform to sell the car accident and what is not big, the problem is that the second-hand car platform should do what, seeking truth from facts in the marketing campaigns." The sale of the car accident found traced the reporter, everyone in the car for nearly two months since two was reported in the media against the integrity of transactions, to sell the car accident. In September 11th this year, the people of Beijing Jia spent nearly 200 thousand yuan in all cars to buy a BMW car in April last year, after the rush to spend money to find the hands of the car, the vehicle had occurred in January 2014 over the accident repair. But the car was in April this year, the vehicle is hung on the platform for all car trading, in the process of vehicle detection platform for everyone, failed to find the vehicle belongs to the accident car. Coincidentally, similar reports have appeared in Chinese quality news online. In August 2nd, Mr. Liu was in July 29th everyone in the car on the client signed an agreement to buy a Land Rover Range Rover Sport but the next day, learned from the maintenance appraisal report third party company of this car, the car had the accident repair records in 2012, and before the car cover, the back door machine has painted sheet metal repair, and November 2014 since there is no 4S shop maintenance records. The above two transactions, two business owners think that when everyone car sales car accident and the practice of propaganda "don’t sell the car accident, fire truck, water car" quality commitment does not feel himself in the process involved in the transaction by deception. Yan Jinghui said: "in the daily running of the vehicle will inevitably occur bumps, they do not hurt the car suspension beam, relates to an important component of the safety of the vehicle, consumers can rest assured to buy, as long as the dealer in the sale of the vehicle when the vehicle will be damaged that will not appear so-called credit problems." In this regard, all car relevant responsible person said, all car evaluation staff failed in the two assessment to determine the vehicle belongs to a car accident, car service platform belongs to everyone is willing to return the car is not enough, for the customer. In terms of these two events, everyone knows that the vehicle is相关的主题文章: