Anhui autumn crabs production and big or small value innovation high provincial capital of a supermarket, crabs are playing "hot" label. Xin’an evening news, Anhui network reporter Wang Congqi taken from the autumn, crab foot itch, chrysanthemum open, smell the crab. Every year in September ~10 month is full of yellow crab oil, hold chela chrysanthemum, binge drinking, become a kind of enjoyment beyond the experience of other seasons. In the gourmet eyes, this season is "no crab is not a feast". Reporter visited found that now not only become a common food in autumn crabs on the table, the import of crab worth more people, some travel agencies also took the opportunity to launch the "crab" tour, looked around the business of the crab can be really many. Xin’an Anhui evening news network news ( ); and to eat crabs (Eriocheir sinensis, name of Eriocheir sinensis) season, the reporter learned that, compared with previous years, this year our province crab breeding scale is relatively stable, but since the summer, more affected, and the influence of weather, this year our province real estate crab listing date will be postponed, and everywhere there are different degrees of reduction, this "big" crab worth or record high in recent years. People: before the Mid Autumn Festival to buy crabs, small and expensive, a crab 225 to $more than and 30." During the Mid Autumn Festival, Lee Hefei people at home in front of the supermarket to buy a few crabs to family early adopters, straight sigh crab small and expensive, he remembered last year when crabs just listed, almost the specifications of the crab as long as 20 yuan a. White Lake has 50 thousand acres of crab area, the normal year yield of about 200 thousand pounds, this year is estimated to cut half." Zongyang County Fisheries Company Xie told the Xin’an evening news, Anhui network reporter, this summer, the lake was flooded, resulting in serious loss of crab households. In addition, crabs mature need to go through 5 ecdysis, and in July and August this year, the continuous high temperature weather and the impact of the crab molting molting period and compared to previous years, delayed about 10 days. And because the shell is not centralized, crab mortality increases, so not only delayed time to market, the crab’s head is small than in previous years. Manager Xie said, the current listing of baidang lake crab mainly crabs, is expected to have large scale listed after the national day. The reporter visited the Hefei city a number of aquatic business users to understand, these stores have begun to sell crabs, but less spot, some store staff actively recommend reporter to buy crab coupons, over time to pick up again. "Now is the other day in order to catch the Mid Autumn Festival holiday period to the early adopters, but it is not the best time to taste. Now the Mid Autumn Festival, as another ten days, when the crab was full, will taste better." Wuhu Road, a crab store sales staff said. Analysis: big crab value or a reporter from the county rose a crab farmers learned that this year the crab "price" is indeed higher than in previous years, there are a few listed stage, a rarity; two reduced production, high price expectations. To 225 or so of the wholesale price of female crab, a few days ago, the price of $70 pounds, in previous years about 50 yuan Jin; 32 of the female crab is now Cui相关的主题文章: