BMW 330E iPerformance plug-in hybrid version of the domestic spy car Sohu – Sohu [E] car electric park before the domestic media exposure of the BMW (import) plug-in hybrid version of 330E iPerformance’s domestic spy, it is reported that the car will be introduced in the future imported form. The new car is equipped with a 2 liter turbocharged engine and motor consisting of plug-in hybrid power system. Appearance, the car uses the standard wheelbase design, overall consistent with current model, provide a hidden socket socket on the left wing, near the post " i" logo can be seen, this is a plug-in hybrid. The dynamic performance of 330E, iPreformance will be equipped with the latest B48 2 liter turbocharged engine, the maximum output power of 135 kW (184 horsepower), peak torque of 290 nm. Matching is a maximum output power of 65 kW (88 horsepower), the maximum torque of 250 nm motor. The maximum output power of 185 kW, the maximum torque of 420 nm. Hundred kilometers acceleration time of 6.1 seconds. In an ideal environment, 330E iPreformance fuel consumption is only 2.1 liters per 100 km. Overseas BMW 330E iPreformance official figure is the assembly of 7.6 kwh capacity of lithium batteries, in the ideal environment 330E iPerformance maximum mileage can reach up to 40 km. Pure electric drive, the maximum speed can reach 120 km / h. It takes about 2 hours and 12 minutes to use standard BMW charging piles from about 0% to about 100%, such as an ordinary household 220V power supply, which takes about 3 hours. (photograph BITAUTO)相关的主题文章: