Boshijijin Wei Fengchun: he who pay attention to the risk of concern 3 types of shares – fund channel weekend U.S. stock market crash, the main stock index hit a British exit after the referendum, the biggest one-day decline. FOMC ticket Committee and chairman of the Boston fed Eric Rosengren said, in order to prevent overheating, there is a reasonable reason to tighten interest rates policy. After the Rosengren speech, the market is expected to raise interest rates on the Fed’s warming. The three largest U.S. stocks fell more than 2%, the Dow fell nearly 400 points, the three major stock indexes and the debt hit the biggest one-day drop since June 24th British referendum. VIX fear index soared 40%, oil prices plunged 4% dollars a week to recover the decline. But in August non farm payrolls 151 thousand, lower than market expectations, interest rate data is not sufficient support. In addition to the expected management verbally, we believe that the data may not support the expected interest rate hike, the main theme is to and fro. The domestic, export data and high frequency data is good, electricity growth rate of electricity by August the continuation of the upward trend in a record high this year, economic growth can still be maintained within a year faster decline in the macroscopic aspect, the biggest worry is that fiscal expenditure. CPI rose 0.5 percentage points lower than the previous month, mainly due to food prices up or down more, non food CPI is the economic data in the most likely than expected one, is expected to October non food CPI will reach 1.7% to 1.8%, the current 1.4%. The main contradiction in the current A shares is overweight regulation policy, from a deeper level, the A shares in the top position and value changes. Liu Shiyu, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on September 10th, said the capital market to firmly grasp the five adhere to adhere to the bottom line does not occur systemic risk. He also said that the stock exchange to become the first line of defense of the securities market regulation. The regulators of the A shares of the attitude is to make it to the rule tree; regulators hands are stretched more and more frequently, more and more far, and it has been almost unanimous opinion support. A backdoor, one or two linkage to characteristics of market management, market manipulation has become a hot topic in the hard object, the operation is relatively "suffered a tough game" window guidance has also become more, which makes the market speculation more difficult. The recent A recent stock index rise of narrow range consolidation, relatively limited, but stocks differentiation is relatively significant, PPP continued to perform, science and technology sector rebound. The decline in the external market may affect the sentiment of investors in A shares, but will not become a continuing repression of A shares. Normalization of strict regulation, as well as the passivation of the structure of the mining, A shares may make short-term risks outweigh the benefits. To sum up, to maintain the low A shares, A shares should operate in the market to underestimate the value of the defensive style is appropriate, configure a high degree of prosperity, there is a policy driven defensive industry, focusing on the construction industry, food and beverage and medicine.相关的主题文章: