Buy: you guess, custom wardrobe how much a meter? ? how much is a custom wardrobe? With the increasing demand for personalized, custom furniture is more and more loved by everyone, but also make custom wardrobe gradually into everyone’s life, and become the first choice for everyone to buy a wardrobe. So how much do you know about custom closets? Do you know how much it costs for a custom wardrobe? The following small series on how to customize the wardrobe now how much one meter. To compare their interest and understanding of a lot of small partners, come and join us in the discussion.  ??? How much is one meter of custom-built wardrobe – board?? We all know that we can customize the fabric of the material is very much, there are plates, wood, and a variety of materials mixed use. So how much do you use these materials to customize the wardrobe? Small series for the first time to introduce the use of sheet metal custom wardrobe prices. The board is mainly divided into plywood, MDF, particleboard, melamine board, PU foam PE and large core board and finger joint board. Used to customize the panel furniture is generally used melamine board, with wear-resistant, not easy to damp a part of the formaldehyde can be released, so that it is now more popular material. So, with such a lot of advantages of the material custom wardrobe how much money a meter? This custom wardrobe prices in 3000 yuan or so. ?? How much is a custom closet m – wood?? then Xiaobian to introduce the use of wood custom closet, the use of this material make furniture more durable, as long as you can usually take care of and care, can use at least more than and 10 years. So we know how to use a solid wood wardrobe a meter? How much money this wood custom closet one meter is based on your choice of wood to decide if ordinary wood wardrobe price of 6000 yuan or so, if you choose advanced wood, then its price is much higher, a small wardrobe price needs million yuan. ? how much is a custom wardrobe a meter – board wood?? how much is a custom wardrobe? Small series will introduce you to the use of wood board custom wardrobe. This kind of wardrobe is generally made of solid wood as a whole framework, with super bearing capacity, the other part of the use of plate, which is based on their respective strengths and determine the scope of use. So how much do you use this material to customize the wardrobe? Wood furniture made of wood can not only want to have the same solid wood, but also to make up for some of the shortcomings of solid wood furniture, such as easy to crack, expensive and so on. In general, the price of such wardrobe in 4500 yuan. ? how much is the custom wardrobe a meter algorithm – projection area? How much is the custom wardrobe a meter? We all know that now calculate how much a meter of custom wardrobe, there are two algorithms, one is the projection area algorithm, and the other is the wardrobe area algorithm. Small series for the first time to introduce the calculation of projection area. This custom closet is no matter how much money one meter algorithm how to design the wardrobe, how much amount of interlayer, partitions, are based on the projection on the wall of the closet area to determine, and then in the use of the area multiplied by the price, but this calculation is not commonly used. Custom wardrobe?相关的主题文章: