California legislation to strengthen the Uber, Lyft taxi driver application background check requirements of Uber and Lyft in California launched a more strict background checks Phoenix Technology News Beijing time on September 30th message to the driver, according to foreign media reports, according to the governor of California, Jerry · Brown (Jerry Brown) a new decree signed on Wednesday, Uber and Lyft applications the driver will face greater scrutiny in the background of the state. A violation of the highest face a fine of $5000 this law will come into effect in January 1st next year, it will ban Uber and Lyft hired with sexual or violent sexual assaults criminal record for the driver, whether the crime is in the past when they occur. According to the existing laws of California, Uber and Lyft just need to review the history of the past 7 years driver. The law also prohibits Uber and Lyft hired with misdemeanor record driver, for example, in the past 7 years of alcohol or drugs, the implementation of domestic violence or continue to drive people. Uber and Lyft said they had been excluded from the drivers of these criminal records. Uber and Lyft are headquartered in San Francisco, according to the new regulations, the two companies each violation, will face a fine of $1000 to $5000. Uber and Lyft may also need to re check the background of tens of thousands of drivers in California. As the most populous state in the United States, California has the two largest markets of Uber and Lyft, San Francisco and Losangeles. Both Uber and Lyft said they supported the new bill, which would allow them to conduct a more comprehensive review of the drivers. Lyft spokesman said that thanks to this law, the company can achieve growth and prosperity in California". The bill, the drafters of the California Democratic Senator Jim · (Cooper), (Jim), said: This law helps to ensure the safety of passengers. The drivers took them on the road from the passenger’s door – although the new rules were not enough to avoid anything, it was the most comprehensive review." The background review is always a difficult taxi services, some regulators and the taxi Commission said the driver of the taxi application background checks no taxi industry so strict, may make some dangerous drivers on the road passenger. More rigorous background checks, such as fingerprints (which allow regulators to access more databases), may take longer to get taxi drivers to slow down the application. Review the background of the taxi industry was not approved strictly Uber using a "Checkr" service background checks on the driver, this service will scan the local, state and national level database, and found that someone in the past 7 years the relevant address information, and then all illegal cases occurred during the same period compare. Lyft uses a similar background review service, which is provided by Sterling Infosystems. Such background checks usually take two days,.相关的主题文章: