Civil helicopter for the first time in China plateau is put into operation – Beijing, China News Agency, Lhasa, November 11 (Yang Chengchen) 11 reporter learned from an official in Tibet, the civil helicopter for the first time in China plateau is put into operation, Tibet civil aviation will enter a new stage. It is reported that the Tibet development investment group and China Aviation Industry Group joint venture intends to set up in Tibet at the end of this year the general aviation company limited, the registered capital of 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan, which indicates that the civilian helicopter will be put into operation in Tibet for the first time. Earlier this month, the two companies have signed a "cooperation agreement" on the formation of the snow covered Tibet General Aviation Co. Ltd and the intention of "domestic civilian helicopter procurement agreement" in Zhuhai during the show, to build general aviation service platform, domestic civilian helicopter landing in Tibet start. Tibet development investment group president Tan Jiwen said when interviewed, after the establishment of the company, the first civilian helicopters will focus on the field of rescue. Tibet 1 million 200 thousand square kilometers, the biggest dilemma facing the rescue and transportation is inconvenient, and now many areas have not yet access, civilian helicopters in the field will greatly enhance the efficiency of the launch." Tan Jiwen said, to accelerate the development of a helicopter based general aviation can greatly increase the accessibility of the region, the construction of the transport network of the branch, sub branch or even capillaries. This will further improve the layout of the comprehensive transport network in Tibet, for the full development of the cause of a positive role in promoting. "High-end tourism, aerial aerial survey is the main application of general aviation in the future, it will also be used in the field of Tibet’s economic construction, transportation, public services, ecological protection etc.." He pointed out that China has the world’s largest area of the plateau, the aviation industry in the plateau of the helicopter industry in the leading position, the procurement is mainly such models. He also continued to refer to the general aviation industry to take shape, but also plans to cooperate with mainland universities in Tibet to set up a flying school, joint training of local pilots in Tibet. (end)相关的主题文章: