Cow triplets experts: probability is only 1/500000 new network – life daily news September 21st cattle twins are rare, and Harbin Fangzheng county will send Dong Jia Tun Zhen Yao Tun Cun Hao home a cow mother, first gave birth to three calf. Kasetsart University Harbin Veterinary experts said, cattle are the single ovulation animal, producing only 1/500000 chance of triplets. According to Mr. Hao, 16, 11 pm, a white and yellow color of their cows began to chanzai, first is the birth of a young bull, the family thought that, did not expect the cattle tail held high left dangling. "The village cattle raised 30 years old said, there may be a calf did not come out, we waited a long time, a bracket was exposed and pulled out a look, a small cow, unfortunately has died, everyone thinks that in a twins, and a calf." Mr. Hao said, in half an hour or so, the cow gave birth to calves under three, but the second did not retain, the oldest and the youngest are very healthy. Mr. Hao told reporters that the cow is less than 3 years old this year, this is the first child, did not expect to bring such a big surprise. "The cow is in March this year in an Zhen bin on the market to spend 9700 dollars to buy back, was with her, who also did not expect to be triplets." Mr. Hao said, every family in the village are cattle, he is fed corn straw mixed, "it is normal to feed, usually did not see anything different." The villagers said Mr. Yang, laohao home cattle now old and famous, everyone went to his house to see if you can Laoke, learn some tricks, let their cattle Yesheng triplets. (Jiang Hui)相关的主题文章: