Demolition lost 200 million? If it is you, in the end money or room? Sohu finance today, many single people have only one request! Netizen: find a boyfriend, a native of Shenzhen water shell requirements to the original all by the news scraper…… Two hundred million so exaggerated? Here Xiaobian want to tell the majority of people heading for Shenzhen Water Bay, the truth is that…… According to reports in Nandu, there is indeed a large Catholic feast water Pui village. A year after the Double Ninth Festival on the second Sunday, are water Pui Village traditional eat big Poon Choi days. Last year, Zhang Xingxiang said, then, with the whole village relocation, perhaps to stop Catholic feast for several years, until the new movements of the housing is completed, residents can get together. I did not expect this year not only the Catholic feast held as scheduled, but the scale of more than in previous years, over the years is the most number one. Zhang Xingxiang said, is expected by the end of 2019, water Pui city renewal project will be completed next year, due to the construction site. They will take the Catholic feast change to another place, this year so as not to large scale. Maybe next time held a larger Catholic feast, will be accelerated when the villagers. The two hundred million compensation? Look at the money, Xiao Bian and then search the news that, in 2015, the same is reported in Nandu, the villagers Zhang told reporters in Nandu, water Pui Village original village collective and village property 178. At that time the company responded that the project is currently signed nearly 90%. Why not talk about and Kingkey real estate contract, Mr. Gao and other three villagers admitted that at present for demolition conditions fail to meet their interests. 1:1 demolition compensation ratio is not high. The most critical thing is that the current contract, said the future of the store is not divided into individual ownership, but by the village holding company as a whole, only by the current proportion of the retail area for rent distribution. The most valuable shops appreciation we can not enjoy, how to sign?" The villagers say so. Why is too low? According to Nandu, Shenzhen city demolition compensation proportion rose – update at the beginning of 2009, Nanshan Okimura transformation project, Huarun group (Shenzhen) company’s compensation is divided into 3 ways, housing compensation, monetary compensation and mixed compensation. One is the housing area in accordance with the existing residential area after the demolition compensation, the compensation ratio is 1:1.. At the end of 2009, Gangxia project, the compensation scheme to provide in kind compensation if, within 480 square meters by 1: 1 up to more than 480 square meters of residential, according to 1: 0.88 up 1 according to first floor apartment; 0.9: compensation for commercial property, more than two layers by 1: 0.9 fill a house or apartment. The end of 2010, is located in Luohu District District of the old wood dragon project owners feast to thank Yitian, deputy director of the Group CEO Chu Xiaohui announced the ultimate standard of compensation for wood dragon residential construction area of 1:1.3, the rent per square metre to 60 yuan, and 5000 yuan in relocation costs, renovation costs 800 yuan per square meter, and that the above criteria will be the final payment scheme of Yitian group. If it is 1:1 demolition compensation ratio, there is no possibility to reach 2 per household.相关的主题文章: