Dongguan Bureau jointly issued the purchase of six versions of the interpretation of total housing considered 1 sets of Guangzhou daily Dongguan news   (reporter Jiang Xingduan) yesterday, Dongguan city housing and Urban Construction Bureau, Dongguan City Real Estate Management Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau of Dongguan City, Dongguan city and Social Security Bureau, Dongguan municipal public Security Bureau, Dongguan Municipal Bureau of civil affairs jointly issued the "Circular on the implementation of property purchase restrictions on matters relating to policy (East Building 2016 No. 49)" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), on October 7th the formal implementation of the restriction policy interpretation. Before the purchase to pay a deposit but not formally signed, after the purchase does not meet the qualified buyers how to do? The "Circular" answer: considering the purchase before the implementation (i.e., before at 0:00 on October 7, 2016) is part of the purchase in the city of Dongguan has signed a new commodity housing subscription book and deposit or down payment, not the official net contract has been delivered, after the purchase of the implementation due to the actual situation of policy adjustment could not complete the network signed, in order to reflect the principle of fairness and reasonableness, such as the part of buyers who can provide subscription agreement and deposit of electronic Jinzhangchan originals, or electronic payment Jinzhangchan original, allowing it to continue to sign the contract for the sale of real estate and apply for the sale of commercial housing contract filing procedures before November 30, 2016. "Notice" to remind buyers, in the form of cash to pay the deposit or down payment, not recognized. Interpretation: and others have housing, but also a set of "notice" pointed out that the purchase of family members for the purchase, spouse and minor children". Adult children have independent qualified buyers; family members (including spouses and minor children) as long as there is a person a residence in Dongguan City, which is identified as "family" permanent residents of the city; with the geographical scope of housing units refers only to Dongguan administrative area owned housing; housing units have the type of commodity housing (only refers to that does not include other housing housing reform, raising housing, welfare housing, self built housing housing registration for residential purposes and apartments). In addition, the name of the purchase of a commodity housing within the administrative region of Dongguan, whether it is all alone or with others, according to their own set of housing. Two people and more than the purchase plan to jointly purchase commodity housing and the purchase of the same family, according to the purchase of a new home buyers were treated. Parents divorce, registered in the minors name should be included in the housing units have custody of the name of a party. A pay income tax for a year, does not recognize! Dongguan on personal income tax and social insurance certificate for strict trial, to prevent the emergence of false proof phenomenon. Personal income tax paid proof "of the Local Taxation Bureau of Guangdong province in the adoption of unified set of portal the personal income tax clearance certificate and tax list, individual income tax payment certificates and tax bill shall be issued at the same time. The taxpayer can log on the website of Guangdong Provincial Local Taxation Bureau according to individual needs. Not recognize the one-time payment of more than 1 years of personal income tax issued by the "payment certificate". The self-service terminals to the social security department to select the appropriate time period to print the "endowment insurance the insured insurance payment schedule". The applicant or back from the field to the 6相关的主题文章: