Doubt China Normal University associate professor Fan Bingbing: satirical not welcome that actor – Sohu   entertainment; doubt China Normal University associate professor Fan Bingbing as     Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, in order to promote the film "Fan Bingbing Pan Jinlian" I’m not invited to the University, but took 10 minutes after being invited to step down, "if don’t leave immediately power, even suspected a friends since the end of the University’s Vice Chancellor at micro-blog issued a ruthless choke:" China Normal University does not welcome such actors!" After the school explained, did not know before Fan Bingbing will attend, because the security factor will ask her to leave, there is no malice. But there are users find suspected a Huazhong Normal University associate professor, a pseudonym "wisdom to tea" issued on micro-blog, China Normal University does not welcome such actors! It is a movie about Literature Symposium on fine, hard with a player in disarray, it is corrupt appetite." Although the micro-blog has been deleted, is still a lot of users scolded turn, she does not lack of money that you do not have to go to you. It is you, teacher, abhorrent "and also to China Normal University Student Message:" we do not back the pot!" Fan Bingbing heart sell adorable tease hair sweet smile make students crazy [Click to enter the HD Photo] > > > event review: Feng Xiaogang broke out on the spot recently, director Feng Xiaogang’s latest film "I am not Pan Jinlian" was held in Huazhong Normal University in advance viewing and "comedy humor challenge" seminar. Reporters entered the scene after the Huazhong Normal University, found that only 4 stool bench. Previously, the film side to inform reporters Feng Xiaogang, Fan Bingbing, and the party will come to the scene, plus the host, should be placed 5 stool. Subsequently, under the guidance of the director, the film I am not Pan Jinlian director Feng Xiaogang, the original author of the Hubei, chairman of the association of writers of the party appeared on the scene of the activities of the president of the. At this point, many students talk about Fan Bingbing really will not come. Meeting activities began about 17 minutes, Fan Bingbing suddenly appeared at the seminar site. Fan Bingbing said: "for just a little bit, we stuck waiting for more than an hour at the door, we are particularly anxious." One side of Feng Xiaogang, said: we are too enthusiastic university students, I heard that Fan Bingbing to come, security pressure is great, when the search is still in the car inside the car is still in the search for Fan Bingbing." In order to get into play, Fan Bingbing spent a lot of thought, she said, there is a school director took me in, he was the national Sanda champion, thank you, director!" Fan Bingbing’s presence, ignited the enthusiasm of the fans, fans have picked up the camera, cell phone camera. Fan Bingbing appeared only after 10 minutes, the host suddenly announced: "because some small emergencies, need to take a rest under the sister Bing Bing." The side of Feng Xiaogang interrupted the host said: "it is not our main control. Fan Bingbing is now required to leave immediately, if you do not leave the power immediately." A chorus of boos, the students said they did not understand why let Fan Bingbing leave, Fan Bingbing to appease the students said: "we can point a candle, or by hand"相关的主题文章: