[eleven] a fun trip – Spanish imperial delicacy Sohu and the European Michelin chef Alberto served, in the international well-known restaurant and the best restaurant in Spain, as in the Agua restaurant in Sanlitun launched a special trip to Spain eleven qualified delicacy packages, not only is the authentic Spanish style with modern features, but also contains the tourist attractions of the special delicacy. In the autumn eleven, come to taste ~ bright and spacious atmosphere in the elegant western style restaurant, presumably at night candle will be quite romantic ~ appetizer bread and sparkling wine with the most charming, laughing, talking about the Spanish landscape, more let a person next to a very delicious. With the traditional gazpacho, delicate fresh and fresh Tomato Bisque Soup inner Vegetable & Fruit blend, the most special is the inside of the pickled cucumber, refreshing appetizer. Said the tomato, it is natural to think of Spain’s traditional festival tomato war, the whole city is a sea of tomatoes. The second is the flavor of grilled octopus with smoked paprika Galician oil heart-shaped refried beans, Galicia is a Spanish for the Atlantic. Have their own unique way of life, and everywhere in the Atlantic. Rich in seafood, delicious dishes. Tender grilled octopus with a unique marine flavor, delicious teeth with the delicate texture of mashed potatoes taste rich, memorable. The octopus is still a little taste, fried squid tender white and served, the squid baked meringues are open rustling sound, and a sweet vegetable stew cod sauce entrance, layers of rich taste extremely suitable vegetable stew cod sauce is the northern part of the Basque region of Spain in a variety of specialties. Add vegetables and chili cod stew into a pot, put to bake bread or pastry with seafood entrance, taste rich flavor, taste, lead a person to endless aftertastes. The next dish is seafood, but even more amazing way to make people feel the delicate features of Spanish food. Cantab Lian Hai (Cantabrico Sea). Junsu mountains overlooking the vast ocean. This dish is a collection of delicacies and seafood, the autumn season. The cream Scallop in Shell and redfish, fresh mushroom thick aroma with autumn autumn brings memories, and fresh seafood delicacies, soft and tender cream and fresh rich delicious. When it comes to Spanish food, must not be missed is the Roasted Suckling Pig package, in hard food and also highlights this, Castilla is especially famous Roasted Suckling Pig. The skin is crispy, tender and juicy. Not only that, the local red Wine also exceptionally mellow. Next to the special apple salad full of fresh lemon flavor, and Apple’s sweet together, and full of meat, the whole incense and not greasy, each mouth to enjoy this rare human delicious. All levels of experience and elaborate dishes repeatedly, finally dessert surprisingly simple, ordinary white glass of caramel pudding without too much ornate decoration, but in the taste of the inner conquered discerning taste buds. Open the dessert of amber Caramel taste delicate cream creme brulee, rich Catalonia cream and fresh egg mix melts on the tongue, a flower and a constant level)相关的主题文章: