Encyclopedia of Metrosexual EDC, small ang teach you to chase the Goddess – EDC: Every Day Carry auto Sohu prepper’s "daily carrying" as a city worker, Gao Yan, value connotation is small ang colleagues of Metrosexual, everyone curious fashion man everyday is what kind of? After repeated urging colleagues, I would like to have a look at my EDC, so that we can understand how to develop the tide men, but also take the opportunity to let me know the other side of the goddess. The first to a panorama, counted 19 (not in the picture on the wallet by colleagues to buy coffee, mobile phone is in use), he was shocked, but my buddy Buick angkola help me receive entirely, effortlessly. 01 to all of the above items neatly placed in reasonable storage box part of the car front (rear storage box is not Oh, think of the front row to reach for the back of the thing, this gesture and elegance are all gone, the) does not have a plenty of storage space, how dare to take that? 02 place sunglasses glasses box, driving with sunglasses is not playing handsome Oh, sunglasses can prevent the glare of the eyes, to ensure traffic safety. 03 gears can be placed behind the glass, it is important to healthy living area just behind the 04 placed my favorite – film camera, film camera lens is longer, the depth of the space just can be properly placed. Beautiful scenery on the way to work, you can pick up the car to pick up, 10 thousand praise!!! 05 most of the back of the rectangular area will be opened after the slide, you can place Ipad mini, Kindle, Notepad, functional, and very regular, the phone can also be placed inside oh. The storage box 06 stalls in front of the open, can be inserted into the U disk and the data line. 07 the following space can also receive the data line, the man placed kit, vitamin tablets on the inside, at any time, full of vitality! 08 have a camera, the film should be put in place, the first contact with the new angkola, found the place where the film, the small size of the debris can also be accommodated. 09 in the copilot front storage box space is very large, mobile power to ensure the normal use of mobile phone and other electronic devices to get off after the BOSE Bluetooth headset to evening jogging time more comfortable, the larger size of the vehicle manual on the inside is not affected. 10 recent weather changes, or the morning skies, the twinkling of an eye is an umbrella with It is raining cats and dogs., car essential. We generally used to umbrella in the trunk, after all, is not commonly used equipment. But once the sudden rain, but also went to the trunk to take, the new hair was soaked through the rain into the face of the goddess, but also how to! But don’t worry, I have a weapon, a storage box under the new angkola copilot seat just to receive an umbrella, women’s shoes can also be included, have to say, the new angkola is the door inside the warm male to 11 in one side of the driver’s seat I placed a smaller size of equipment: Apple Watch hearing相关的主题文章: