Field visits to South Korean electronics stores: Note7 off, the prototype can not boot – Sohu science and technology Lv Linxuan recently Samsung Note7 explosion more and more attention. Sohu in Korea Science and technology reporter visited Seoul line Samsung line sales outlets found Note 7 counters are still placed in the most prominent position, and there is still a machine, but all the machines are unable to boot, and a Galaxy S7 products are all you can try. The explanation given to this clerk is the South Korean mainland has been parked Samsung Note 7, the time has not yet announced the sale. At present, only accept the purchase of Note 7 products consumer replacement equipment. After the release of Note7 in the global explosion frequent thermal events, in September 2nd, Samsung Electronics announced the sale of the phone because of battery defects and recall the phone. According to the recent reports of South Korean media, many South Korean people recognize the attitude of Samsung in the event, Samsung also said that the domestic replacement Note 7 work methodically carried out. In the international arena, the Internet research company SurveyMonkey on the weekend of 507 American adults conducted surveys found that in Note has 7 consumers, more than 1/3 said they would rather choose a refund instead of a new mobile phone, the Samsung Electronics said "the vast majority of consumers to replace a Galaxy mobile phone" option speech is quite different.   相关的主题文章: