Former German President Wulf: China can learn from the German SME development model, Hangzhou, September (Xinhua) (), the relationship between China and Germany is very close, the two countries are full of potential for development of the 17." 17, former German President Christian William Walter Wulf (ChristianWulff) visited Hangzhou Panshi, and Tian Chinese entrepreneurs just attended B20 Ning together to discuss the current development mode of small and medium sized enterprises that China can learn from the German SME development model, will focus on a more professional, more emphasis on product quality. "I believe China can do it." For the China Chinese manufacturing 2025 goals, Christian William Walter Wulff expressed confidence. He pointed out that in order to achieve this goal, China needs to continue to increase investment in energy efficiency and other aspects of. With the G20 Hangzhou summit ended, Germany will Chinese hands from "taking over" G20 presidency, and held a G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany in July 7, 2017 to 8. By then, Hamburg and Hangzhou will also build a bridge of communication between the countries of the world. Germany is the largest economy in the EU, the EU is also the most populous country in the world, in Europe and the enormous influence of the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany ranked first in Europe, has a large number of hidden champions. About the significance of German development for today’s China, Christian William Walter Wulff told Germany for hundreds of years the inheritance of artisan spirit". "German companies train workers to combine theory with practice. Therefore, the German workers in the production of small and medium enterprises, but also wondering how to reduce product costs, or use a different technology, the product will do better. In this regard, there are many very good cooperation projects between China and germany." He said that at present, Germany is also changing the mode of economic development. "The German industrial development has experienced several times of revolution, the original model is the digitization, automation, robotics, microelectronics, now is the communication between machine and machine, to achieve optimal process, to further reduce costs and improve product quality. This is called the industrial 4 in Germany, is the best way to achieve, it depends on the industry and the IT industry to work together." Christian William Walter Wulff was the tenth president of the Federal Republic of Germany, his other identity is chairman of the global alliance of smes. The global alliance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is composed of experts and leaders in the field of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It is understood that the League initiated the establishment of the global chamber of commerce cooperation organization, plans to organize 237 countries and regions in at least 1000 mainstream chamber of Commerce to participate in the international business community to create the United nations". Christian William Walter Wulff as chairman of the alliance, close contacts with Chinese, has repeatedly come to China to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Germany, multi field. The same day, the rock and the small and medium-sized enterprise alliance also reached a strategic cooperation, and are working together to create the whole theory相关的主题文章: