Fukuyama Masaharu sing accident staff right eye cracked Fukuyama Masaharu picture Sina entertainment news according to Japanese media reports, Japan held in Tokyo on September 25th at the Fukuyama Masaharu dome concert, a serious accident happened. Have the stage with ribbons directly hit the female staff in the face, causing the right eyeball rupture. Police are currently investigating whether there is a problem with the safety management of business negligence injury. According to local police, the accident occurred near the end of the concert in September 25th at 9:10 in the evening, from the launcher cylinder installed on the side of the stage (about 80 cm high, 8.2 cm diameter) emitted about 35 streamers (about 3 cm in diameter, 2 cm range) ball, the ball directly impact on the ribbon female staff right. The staff responsible for filling the ball and ribbon to remind other staff. Police are now in charge of the concert stage of the company’s stakeholders on the situation at the time of evidence. Although there was an accident but did not stop the concert that day, the evening of 26 concert will be held as scheduled. At present, Fukuyama Masaharu owned brokerage company has publicly issued a written apology, reads as follows: "the end of the concert, responsible for the special effects performinginstrument concert crew face and eye injury accident. After the accident, the staff was rushed to the hospital, is currently undergoing treatment. Although the safety of the concert has been extremely cautious, but still occurred in the accident, the future will be added to the security management attention, pay more attention to prevent the occurrence of such accidents. Here, let everyone worry, really sorry." (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: sina.com.cn exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: