By excellent step success of G20 summit green travel –IT– G20 summit in Hangzhou successfully concluded, international dignitaries discussed lively and fruitful around the theme of the meeting and the key issues, and reached important consensus. For this meeting the logistical and organizational work, the international dignitaries also given a very high rating. According to the G20 B20 Committee, "the car drops" and "excellent step China" combined with "brisk leasing" into 100 new energy vehicles as service vehicles, to provide safe and high standards for civil servants and guests of the summit green travel service. It is reported that, during the G20 service, the batch of vehicles has been escorted nearly 2 thousand Chinese and foreign guests from the conference core and peripheral areas. It is worth noting that, green is the key words of the summit. In response to the call, step by step into the service vehicles are energy saving and environmental protection of pure electric vehicles. At the same time, the G2O summit launched the "carbon neutral" project, using pure electric buses as the main venue of the bus, home court hall is full of Jiangnan features of Roof garden, also let the G20 summit in Hangzhou has become the first low carbon summit. (G20 after the summit, the general public can enjoy the ultimate summit level travel experience) is reported as G20 service support vehicles, the investment vehicles are high configuration version, each car offers free wireless WiFi, high-end audio and video playback system. G20 after the end of the summit, the number of service vehicles and follow the same type of thousands of electric cars will be put into the car drops and yuho China platform to carry out the network about the car operation, let the public feel and as the ultimate summit guests travel experience. In the service of G20 before the car drops for Chinese Internet Conference, the 2016 Guiyang international industry fair, the fourth big data China (Beijing) international service trade fair and other large industry event to provide professional and efficient service vehicles. Data show that the drops have been established for four years and has 300 million registered users, nearly 15 million registered drivers, taxi service covers, car, train, car, bus, on behalf of the drive, drive and enterprise multiple vertical field. With the scheduling system and the leading advantage of scale intelligent big data driven, at present, drops travel orders has exceeded 16 million days. (commissioning editor Zhuang Hongtao and Zhao Shuang)相关的主题文章: