German Interior Minister: potential dangerous over 520 people, a record high according to the Xinhua News Agency reported that the German Interior Minister Thomas · Demaizie E says 10 days, increasing the potential for extremism in Germany was a record number of personnel. These "dangerous" may at any time to participate in planning a terrorist attack or launch a "lone wolf" attack. Demaizie E accepted the German Bild newspaper interview revealed the news. He said: "these potential extremists are very dangerous, they may commit serious crimes. Their number has exceeded 520 people, a record high." According to Demaizie E, about 360 people are believed to be planning or launching a terrorist attack. German security departments to these dangerous elements are divided into two categories. One organization associated with extreme, another may become the "lone wolf" attackers. "Unfortunately, these two kinds of risks are now real," he said. In Demaizie E’s view, compared with extremist organizations planning terrorist attacks, "lone wolf" attacks more difficult to prevent. In July of this year, a spate of violent attacks in Germany, the extent of its violence and violence in the German community caused widespread unease. The evening of July 18th, a 17 year old male Afghan refugee passengers with an axe and tool attacks near the city of Wuerzburg in Bavaria, an intercity train, killing 5 people were injured, the attackers were killed in the police run. A day later, the extremist organization Islamic state announced claim this attack. In July 22nd, the main city of Bavaria Munich shooting Olympia shopping center case, a 18 year old man in Germany and Iran dual shot 9 people, killing more than 30 people were injured, and then commit suicide. In July 24th, a 21 year old refugees from Syria in the southwest of Reutlingen city bus station, a man hacked chopped two people were arrested. These violent attacks occurred last month, Demaizie E wrote a report entitled "civil defense" concept report according to the report, saying, "Germany cannot absolutely exclude the possibility of future terrorist attack". The German government has called on people to hoard enough drinking water and food to deal with possible terrorist attacks.相关的主题文章: