God Tucao: three women three stage behind the winner is bestie – Sohu news said three women in a drama, recently there are three women staged three drama, can’t come.   is a new generation of British first; " iron lady " Aunt Mei was broke after a private speech had talked about the importance of the United Kingdom, said Britain was safe to stay in the EU, once off Europe will give the economy a tremendous impact. Speech sound recording! Teresa May was worried about the impact of the European economy and security of the EU to know Mei aunt, but claimed to be the sea…… No, the king’s daughter! In his inaugural speech to swear off the European " her political mission is ". The face is really playing Bang Bang sound   " as the saying goes, believe in ghosts, don’t believe a politician’s words. It is said, " " the crow is black, can be divided into male and female. " the United Kingdom, Mei Mei said to do a set of the overall situation, the United States Hilary to do a set of self-interest to say a set. The mailbox event is not completely turned, [WikiLeaks: Hilary began a year ago " human " Trump] according to the "Washington observer" reported the Hilary camp nearly a year ago on " Trump’s deep grilled " " ", for black history; Trump from the Republican party primaries in the win use. [WikiLeaks Zaibao Mengliao " Hilary " corruption! The United States] Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) in the final presidential debate about the Clinton Foundation (Clinton Foundation) " ", " funding scandal; WikiLeaks " another new material: Hilary during the negotiations, from another " " gold master, King Mohamed VI of Morocco (; King Mohammed VI of Morocco) has received $12 million a promise.   borrow a netizen Tucao: see lighthouse country is about to be born a corrupt children of the president, the woman is no longer a victim, but the perpetrators! Shuang ah! This year the American election really nice, " is a "game of Thrones"; joffrey war small skin ". Two evils choose the light, do not know the depths of the American people will choose who finally entered the White House woe. I might choose to Trump, after all, the Clinton family has been back, but that time the couple still walk along the White House a lot of furniture, the total value of about $300 thousand, the last white house to the furniture back alarm. # choose thief, or spray, this is a problem. #   before the two play far from us, you may not feel, the third stage can be in front, not only the story more bizarre, or everyone loved the drama. [park bestie " " state intervention behind people demanding the president’s resignation]]相关的主题文章: