Guangzhou intensive supply of 19 land premium rate of up to 45% Chinese securities network from Guangzhou city land and Planning Committee was informed that the Guangzhou land supply will be overweight, through the limited land and competing with the construction of "19 land transfer listing, is located in Baiyun District, Liwan center, is also located in Panyu, Nansha and other peripheral areas. According to Xinhua News Agency reported on October 28th, the 19 land is mostly residential land, in addition to the 1 cases of land in November 18th will be taken for the transfer, the rest of the land is two times in November 22nd, 25 public listing, 10 cases and 8 cases respectively. At present, limited time auction schedule has been in Guangzhou public resources trading center pipe network publicity. Reporters noted that all of the above residential land or commercial land are set to the starting price and the highest price, premium rate control in less than 45%. As this round of high-quality land auction, Baiyun New Town AB2053 block starting at the price of 23 thousand yuan, the highest price reached 33 thousand and 400 yuan price. At the same time, the transfer notice clearly, after reaching the maximum limit premium quote, bid way into competing with the construction of resettlement housing, those who accept the maximum limit premium bidders can participate in competing with the construction of resettlement housing, 450 square meters bidding ladder (less than 5) of resettlement housing, participate in competing with the construction bidders quote with the construction area of the largest bidder, after the completion of resettlement housing shall be free of charge transferred to the Guangzhou city land development center. Rich real estate Research Institute believes that Guangzhou is such a large scale, large-scale, intensive push to make many enterprises compete for a minority of one or two cases of situation will be eased. In addition, the capital requirements of the enterprises to participate in the auction of land supply than previously increased, the bid bond from the previous 20% to 50%, for the competing enterprises, peripheral land needs to be paid within 1 months the price, central area of land needs to be paid within 15 days, the land market will effectively curb the risk of overheating. According Hopefluent monitoring, this round of 19 cases of transferring land is calculated according to the starting price of the land turnover will reach 26 billion 100 million yuan, if calculated according to the maximum premium of 45%, after the Guangzhou government for land, land leasing will increase 35 billion 500 million yuan. By then, the total construction area of land transactions in Guangzhou will be 7 million 240 thousand square meters, land revenue of about $65 billion.相关的主题文章: