Han people held the fourth round of large-scale candlelight rally requirements down – Beijing park in new network on 19 November, according to South Korean media reports, in the "Cui Shunshi gate" after the outbreak of the fourth requirements of South Korean President Park Geun hye of the South Korean people down the massive candlelight rally held on 19 in 46 areas of Seoul city. Reported that the joint more than 1 thousand and 500 civil society groups "National Park Geun hye regime down very action 19 days at 6 pm in Seoul Gwanghwamun square at the fourth pan national action" rally. The protesters from 2 pm the same day, respectively from the east gate of historical and Cultural Park, Hongik University subway station, delta station and hyehwa Dong University road of the final walk to the Gwanghwamun square held a collective protest candle. In addition to Seoul, Busan and other 45 regions in the country at the same time the people also held a rally to require the president to step down. Demonstration organizers have more than 1 million people participated in the statistics. In addition, the South Korean conservative groups in order to protest against the demands of the community to step down the president also held demonstrations. The so-called "Love Park Group" 19 day 2 pm at the Seoul station square held against the president to step down demonstrations, nearly 5000 members participated in the demonstration.相关的主题文章: