Hangzhou photographer for the elderly to create a large fashion festival costume show 20 again (Figure) Hangzhou photographer for the elderly to create a large fashion festival to return to the 20 year old fashion show today is the Double Ninth Festival, is China’s traditional festival of respect for the elderly, in this special festival, people in various ways filial piety or forefathers. Hangzhou senior fashion photographer "big brother" to do a particular thing at this year’s Festival: Chongyang has been committed to fashion photography, he was shot in the oldest old, with fashion shoots to celebrate the festival for the elderly. "There is always an old man in memory, waiting for you on the way home from school." Speaking of shooting intention, "big brother" some emotion, since I graduated from University, he and the majority of people, for the cause of busy, busy a year without a back home to see my grandparents, grandparents seem to be old, until the reality gave him a slap in the face, "Grandpa and grandma were not in, I as a photographer, but never as they filmed a group of photos, this is forever irreparable regret." The National Day golden week, "big brother" back to my hometown, relive and grandparents warm past, at the same time there is a decision, in another way, looking for the lens of Grandpa and grandma. After all, three old yuan Villa Park into harmony endowment "leader" of the shooting of the model: the 92 year old Zhu Chongnai, 86 year old Lu Zhaoqiu and 80 year old Liu Suying. The morning of October 6th, the three old people follow the staff came to the "one" of the studio. A makeup, costume, weekdays dress up the old monotonous moment in the tide, accessories, shoes and bags, fashion shows, they seem to return to the age of 20, become the trendsetter worthy of the name. "I was the first time for me to apply makeup, they wear red lipstick karma, karma brilliant skirt, and plaid socks, really feel shy when the." The tide grandma Liu Suying in front of the camera, Minzui smile, like a child. In the avenue of stars shooting, passing a small girl rushed to find a photo, even said: "grandma you ah!" Lu Zhaoqiu’s shooting wearing black leather and rock outfit, holes in jeans, attracted many passers-by onlookers, which he felt a little embarrassed: "the pants hole is so big that my age is not to wear a bit serious?" It is said, but he interpretation of this outfit is in place, no one can think of, two hours ago, the Rock Cafe wearing grey shirts carrying a basket of visiting the farms. The 92 year old Zhu Chongnai is worthy of a pension Park big brother, usually quiet he experience a totally different life: "usually my clothes are two daughters to buy, they buy what I would wear what." This time, Zhu father dark green coat, wearing sunglasses, hold a wooden guitar, a bard art fan, was also revealed some music Godfather domineering. Today, the old people’s fashion blockbusters have been completed later. Take a photo of their photo, the old people laugh, eternal youth, this festival is especially meaningful gift.相关的主题文章: