Have a "dragon" is not a dream reality version of toothless Aberdeen may be on the side "Dragon Master" is produced by DreamWorks Animation animated film. Immediately after the film was released, it was loved by fans all over the world. Where the dark toothless Aberdeen is changed many people think of "dragon". There is a God, and can be able to friends the other day. However, some foreign friends on their own black cats as no teeth, we’ll look at it together. Once considered to be an evil offspring of thunder and lightning, but no teeth more like a kitten with a huge wing. Playful, curious and clever, toothless Aberdeen as hiccup’s best friend rather than a pet. As the legend of the last one There remained but a single one. Night Fury, no teeth is very unique and precious. Both humans and dragons on it they respect and fear. The users in the kitten like a toothless Aberdeen, covered the whole body black, no trace of shaggy. There is a pair of dark pupil in the pale yellow white, looks bright. "Dragon Master" tells the story of harmony between man and dragon story. In a blog Island Viking teenager Shikap, he must become the Viking dragon through the test in order to. The upcoming dragon test, Xikapu must grasp this unique opportunity to the tribe and his father to prove his existence value. However, when Shikap meets an injured dragon and becomes a friend with the dragon, the world of Shikap will change from now on.相关的主题文章: