Pink color is the best makeup for 20 to 50 years of age should pay attention to the health of the list of lead: the nature of beauty is a woman, and beauty are closely related, is certainly a healthy body. The surface has good color pink moment it is absolutely the best cosmetics in the world. However, women at different ages will encounter different health problems, how to face them, but also determine the key to your not beautiful. Women of different ages should pay attention to the possible health problems of their own age, so that whether you are twenty years of age or light mature of the age of three, forty years old, can have a more healthy body! (source: ELLE) 20 years old young girl now is you the first Pap test time (CDC): the CDC guidelines recommend that women between the ages of 21 to 65 years old, best every three years for a smear test. If a family history of breast cancer, to detect the BRCA1 and BRCA2 at the age of 25; if you have breast cancer genetic history, we must grasp the time to go to the hospital. Pay attention to the health of your heart: check your body, including cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and body mass index (BMI). If you have high blood pressure at the age of 20, you may be able to get gestational diabetes after the age of 30, more likely to cause other heart diseases. Go to a friend’s birthday party: Psychology Studies said that in the aging part, if you are at the age of 20 have a good social activities, so will not be easy to feel lonely or bored, to establish their own position in society through social activities, a good foundation for the future lay the emotional management. The 30 year old Cougar light if you want to do, you can try to assess fertility: if you have been trying to get pregnant for one year, but did not progress, perhaps you or your partner’s body there is a problem, must cooperate and Gynecologists, preferably in 35 before the age of the child. Because this is the best state of the female fertility. Have a good pair of high heels, high heels will make your calf muscle contraction, or even the wrong posture can cause pain, so allow yourself to find a pair of high-heeled shoes to wear comfortable health, is the key to make you look elegant and healthy. To worry about: women are most vulnerable to distress at this time, try to find a channel, do not suppress it, it will not happen again. Keep pace with society: you have a very good social network at the age of 20, at the age of 30, if they can be left to those activities in the future, into a more mature age, will not lose the ability and social connections. Life to milepost 40 year old woman don’t forget contraception: at this age fertility rate will decrease, but not completely be pregnant, so even at this age, if you really don’t want to get pregnant, remember for contraception. Breast X light: This is a quick way to know whether you are a high risk group of breast cancer, the detection time will be postponed to a near 50 years of age, you can get the lowest false alarm rate. The 50 year old woman colonoscopy.相关的主题文章: