How do you have curly hair? Can face and fashionable! The Sohu had originally thought that the trend of cut Pixie far did not expect Emma Stone recently boarded the U.S. version of "Vogue" is also a fairy pixie cut hair cut Reiki full is last year’s hot hair fashionable and there was a grinding goblin naughty breath stars could not stay up to you. Gao Junxi and Zhou Gongzai is a typical representative of popular hairstyle has been changed. Both hair or curly hair each season are not the same SO today to take stock of what the new hair style ah ~ popular hair what? And run away! The lob boom has been dispersed mainly all-match modified face tired rules lob retro lob volume is the latest European female star to play new tricks past the sexy goddess they love the hair but now improved ripple will be bigger change is the same kinds of style to STYLE 2 with bangs the sleepy head sleep is not red head in Asia for one or two days it is a Japanese magazine haircut to pursue the kind of natural curl hair. Not just waking up the lazy but recently abandoned and sexy long hair and short hair bangs are a domineering knife cut sleep head everywhere even 17SS fashion week shows are not uncommon to explore this hairstyle is probably a second reduce the age of magic! STYLE 3 S type S type bangs bangs hair long or short, the final effect is a goddess! A woman flavor to the overflow type S ~ baby has been the best spokesperson with bangs sign big wavy hair with 4 ~ STYLE Xian noodles roll inspired mermaid Mermaid artist starting from the top of the small volume to the hair tail "cheese" is the main female trap inside that small but perfectly restored more difficult to control the volume of large volume a little change in white hair color is OK ~ Wendy with rose gold like a fine doll HyunA change linen noodles volume after more like a young Mustang and stylist wits, to find out the type C category hair curls hair effect: sleep wake head, pear head, wave head for faces: round face, long face is what we usually call "rolls" C type semi circle curling effect isn’t stiff is naturally smooth curvature space Liu also belongs to C type gas hair is purely a C type pear head wave is? If it is C type of multilayer hair can make sleep head effect due to the lower half part of hair is soft well covered on both sides of the fleshy cheeks round face and big love? Of course, sleep can transform hair long hair first said it can be said that second to half double balls balls balls all comers! ? by a small tutorial straight board to want involution stacked sleep? Can from相关的主题文章: