Independent T power compact three car is more economical more face Phoenix car · multi car shopping guide 2016 Chengdu auto show has been officially opened on the first day (September 2nd) the media day, a total of more than 60 and the first car market debut. Through these new cars, we can easily find that the major manufacturers are beginning to start in small displacement and turbocharged engines, which may also be affected by national policy and consumer demand for fuel consumption. Today we will recommend a number of independent turbo compact three car, I hope you can bring help to the car. Changan Yue Xiang V7 official guide price: 5.99-8.79 million Yuanyue Xiang V7 design is very successful, the front face of the sharp, full, angular inverted trapezoidal grille are fully reflected in the young breath movement. As the size of the largest car series of Yue Xiang, Yue Xiang V7 body contour more smooth coordination, also attaches great importance to create a sense of space on the cockpit, with two waist line is very sharp. The car uses a line design rich, looks more sense of hierarchy, the tail box along the stereo line like a small tail, add a little sporty. Interior design also uses a lot of original elements. The central control area slightly tilted to the driver is very humane, the top of the screen can be said to be one of the highlights of Yue Xiang V7, so it looks a bit luxurious feeling. Three shape of the steering wheel size is moderate, the use of cortical material wrapped grip is also good. The utility model provides a multimedia control key on both sides, which provides convenience for the operation of the sound and the running computer in the driving. Yue Xiang V7 front seat driver can adjust the height of the passengers in the middle of the ride will not feel depressed, in the compact car belonging to the normal level. Yue Xiang V7 rear car specially set a dent, the rear head space for the expansion of a good help. Power, the new car is equipped with a 1.0T three cylinder engine, the maximum power of 116 horsepower, maximum torque of 172 cattle · m, transmission system, and the engine is matched with the speed of the manual gearbox. Dongfeng Fengshen A60 official guidance price: 6.97-8.37 yuan Dongfeng Fengshen in the recently launched new A60 models, the new car in the other hand before a change of the style, a large area of the chrome grille, with the modeling LED lamp headlights, looks more dynamic, more fashion. The tail is still simple, not only the design of the taillights, but also to make the car look a lot younger. The interior, the new Dongfeng Fengshen A60 uses a shallow depth of color scheme, a simple and practical home atmosphere. The steering wheel is designed with a full dark color, with the function of three – spoke design and convenient operation. The layout of the console is more traditional, multimedia control area, air conditioning control area is clear, the optimization of air conditioning outlet, a number of silver decorative embellishment are to enhance the overall texture. Configuration, the new A60 also demonstrated more rich, high vehicle is equipped with a 7 inch LCD screen, MP5+ intelligent interconnection system, keyless entry and a key starting system, leather multifunction steering wheel, cruise control,.相关的主题文章: