Bad assets investment has become a feast of a few people the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist to ODA investment in non-performing assets is an extremely asymmetric information market, its high barriers to entry. New investors are not easy to get bogged down in debt and unable to extricate themselves. General investors should not own action, but should first choose and the market leading non-performing asset investment institutions to cooperate to share this nuggets feast. Since 2014, with the bank’s basic business (real estate, non-standard) downturn, as well as the deterioration of the overall economic environment, the rate of non-performing assets of banks continue to rise. Although a large number of banks to do a technical treatment, but conceal non-performing assets followed. Some of the central enterprises, the provincial large state-owned debt default, and some large private enterprises (photovoltaic, steel trade etc.) collapse, coupled with the second half of 2015 the market crash of lever warehouse explosion, is to make this a difficult one disaster after another. However, other people’s crisis is the opportunity for non-performing asset investors. Bloody giant animal is attracting more and more vultures come. Smell sensitive investors have begun to layout China’s non-performing assets investment market. As Goldman (Goldman Special Situation), oak (Oaktree Capital) and other international capital capital into non-performing assets investment market China, in fact has shown that non-performing assets investment (distressed investment) has become the VC PE, one of the segments of the investment field Chinese most attractive. The current domestic investment in non-performing assets, either buying defaulted assets, through the collection, recovery and other ways to improve the recovery rate, either by buying cheap buying bonds of Companies in bankruptcy, get huge returns through restructuring debt to equity price. Through this investment strategy, the bad Property Investment Companies in the past few years has made a huge profit. To China XinDa (1359.HK) as an example, the 2010-2013 year, pre tax profit in more than 9 billion, and in 2014 and 2015, the pre tax profits of up to 16 billion 200 million and 19 billion 200 million! The other side China Huarong Property Investment Companies (2799.HK) performance is more brisk, the 2013 to 2015 three years, pre tax profits reached 13 billion 600 million, 16 billion 700 million and 22 billion 200 million! You know, China’s largest real estate company Vanke, its total profit in 2015 was only 33 billion 800 million. Two non-performing Asset Management Co profit has exceeded vanke. Four traditional AMC (bad Property Investment Companies) east, XinDa, Huarong, the Great Wall in the non-performing assets investment to earn pours, but still can not meet the huge market demand. With the local city firms, agricultural firms bad exposure, in order to solve the problem of more non-performing assets, regulators have approved the establishment of 27 new provincial AMC (bad Property Investment Companies) platform. These provincial AMC focus on addressing a province of non-performing assets, its license)相关的主题文章: