To help achieve Jiezhuang "site intelligent management" in Henan Jiezhuang industry "Hello, your site through the acceptance stage: the construction process of hydropower company according to the standards of construction, site clean, all lines are vertical and horizontal, no thread bare, water pressure test. In the next phase of the mud and wood, please do the preparation in advance." Zhengzhou citizens Mr. Li, in the work space, took out his mobile phone to view their own high tech Zone is located in the "wise Jubilee garden" bridal decoration progress. A mobile phone can get the decoration? What is it that the people of Zhengzhou can finally be liberated from the decoration, do not have to stare at the decoration of the scene before? Peace of mind to go to work, rest assured that travel, decoration why so simple? All this can help find the answer in the home improvement 1. Home improvement industry in Henan to help the industry’s dark horse for the people of Zhengzhou, home improvement has entered the lives of thousands of households. Home improvement Tencent is a large network of its decoration service platform. Have experienced decoration or for the decoration, must have this impression: Jiezhuang industry water is too deep, decoration materials shoddy phenomenon, the renovation process will increase the time delay, uncertainty, and other issues outstanding decoration effect. How to avoid these problems, worry, time and money to install a new home decoration, become the most to worry about, the most difficult thing. In this context, home improvement came into being. Home help operation mode: first of all in the foreman must undergo a rigorous screening, and joined in at the same time, the Internet will accept the strict training operation, occupation morals, occupation standard. Only a variety of training qualified foreman to formal service for owners. Secondly, the home help also established a perfect management system, the service attitude, decoration art, engineering quality, management ability, reputation and other aspects of the regular assessment of the foreman, in order to form an effective incentive mechanism. This series of measures are in order to seriously control the quality of the decoration and the implementation of. At the same time, there are strict quality inspection system for home improvement, the quality of the quality of each node inspection and acceptance of the site inspection, the greatest degree to avoid all engineering quality problems. After 2 years, home improvement has become a symbol of Zhengzhou home improvement industry, a synonym. Home help selected a group of high-quality team foreman, their average length of service up to 10 years, from around the north and south, covering a number of professional decoration, has many years of practical experience. They constitute the decoration of the most successful factors: the construction site of the first supervision, executor. According to the needs of different users to help home decoration preferences, provide the most suitable resources to improve the decoration, foreman, removal efficiency, the decoration of water, efforts to provide the best quality renovation experience. Home improvement to help launch, the rapid growth of a beautiful landscape for the decoration industry in Henan. With the high price, more professional, customer service image of the new leader in the industry, won the favor of customers and word-of-mouth communication. Since July 2015 the home help reinstall the line, through continuous optimization of service sectors, always adhere to the "decoration is no longer at the scene the liberation of a generation of young people" concept, the cumulative "liberation" decoration in 12000 households, renovation sites covering Zhengzhou 7 District 500 representative projects. Service upgrade site single相关的主题文章: