Lee said the car was 10 million pre-A round of financing with the story of the small – Sohu car Lee said that the car has been completed in September pre-A round of financing, "1000" million in. (the money has been credited, baa ha ha) Hello, I’m Li Sanzhi, a body in the Empire the contents of entrepreneurs. Today to write this article in addition to the "show" wave of finance news, mainly want to talk to you about going, a "common" story drift. NO.1 in January 7th, I came to Beijing, this is the second time I came to the city, the population of the city is full of banknotes. I was carrying a suitcase in Mifengbuyan, Beijing West Railway Station South Square with a bowl of wonton. 25, on the northwest is money. I drink the soup, wipe the mouth and wipe out my legs, Samsung S7568 to Beijing’s distant relatives called the phone: "Hey grandma, I was a little mouse." "I went to west station, now go to your convenience?" On this day I lay on the double sofa in the old palace, full of expectation for tomorrow. Fuck, the city is full of money? Don’t stoop to see who are diligent! NO.2 "the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny" in April 5th I bought a new diary written on the vulgar words, as of the three months after arriving in Beijing summary. The market is far more complicated than I imagined. I learn the knowledge of jade until early in the morning every day, but it can not let my brave Kunlun jade hand pieces sell a piece of money. In each auction, I will keep a close eye on the hands of the uncle aunt brand. Set up the ears and they are not in the discussion of my auction "Kunlun jade Pixiu hand pieces, starting 200, this work is good, love can give a hand." The auctioneer hand holding my auction, show the following uncle aunt. "This is a big head, ah, I bought 300 dollars to play back." I left the front of the hot aunt said. Ma Da, the brave I purchase 400… Two hours after the end of the auction I Chuaizhe 2700 dollars and more than a dozen pieces of broken stone "from Panjiayuan to the left Tiananmen walk today earn 2700 dollars and did not let me back this is one disaster after another there are 3 days to pay the rent… I would..! If I put this pile of stones for the rent, the landlord will kick me up. Go home when I saw Ann bridge passing left here a large flow of people, so I decided to try again, take off your coat on the floor…… Jadeite is placed in the first row of Kunlun jade was placed in second rows of hand pieces were placed in the third row… After I had finished my leg, I took a deep breath…… The following is the left Ann bridge moat, at six o’clock in the afternoon sun friendly sprinkled on the body of young North drift. I looked at the distant water Lingling water, close your eyes and feel is absorbed the essence of the sun itself. Today a companion相关的主题文章: