Luxury car prices of new energy vehicles in Poland will build a mobile office from Poland Varsovia automobile company launched a high-end hybrid luxury concept car last week, in the car playing mobile office at the same time, but also highlights the car interior style luxury. It is understood that the concept car is made jointly by a group of designers and engineers, and named Varsovia (Polish Warsaw "), the design goal of the team is to redefine the car interior luxury. Similar to today’s most new concept cars, the new concept car in Poland also uses an electric drive system. It is understood that the Varsovia concept car, a single charge of all electric mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) up to 350 kilometers, and the car is also equipped with a hybrid system, the use of fuel can further increase the mileage to 850 km. The company said, get more space for the passenger compartment, the car battery is placed in the car floor, which is a common approach in electric vehicle, and Varsovia car company hopes to create a "mobile office". At the same time, the car interior luxury extent of encroaching Rolls-Royce and other veteran luxury car. At the press conference, the company said that the Varsovia will be built into a mobile office is based on the use of a built-in computer and advanced car entertainment system, will affect the sound system function extension. The new system can be equipped with all mobile phones, computer equipment, and remote control. Rapid access to satellite and internet systems enables users to communicate with the rest of the world. Varsovia layout is to meet the very concept of the rear seat, a pair of 19 inch transparent foldable display from the roof directly for the rear passengers, and forming a panoramic image of 38 inches, and its color can be matched with the car, and no unexpected feeling. The screen can be folded up when not used as a skylight. Due to the use of innovative materials, the display can achieve 90% of the transparency, they can show any owners want pictures, such as the formation of similar to the top of the atmosphere of Rolls-Royce star effect. Because of the built-in computer, keyboard and mouse, these devices are easy to operate. In addition, passengers can also make use of special principle of telescopic table, can be used in melee range, and quite stable. The rear seat in addition to providing online office equipment, but also provide the best rest space, the back is divided into nine regions, each functional area has a separate function design, with ventilation, heating, soft hardness adjustment and massage function. The company even claims that the rear seats will automatically adapt to the size and weight of the occupant. Varsovia motor company is currently building a prototype of the actual size of the vehicle, and plans to be exhibited at the international auto show next year, but the company did not specify which car will be displayed. According to available information, Varsovia car company in 2018 may be the concept of small car production, the annual production of up to 50. The company plans to continue to maintain the unique nature of the car in this way.相关的主题文章: