Mutual gold special rectification program introduced   see each other what had been said, Kim Ka Guizhou channel — original title: mutual gold special rectification program introduced at each Kim coffee are what the 13 day, the State Council officially released the "China Internet financial risk special rectification work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the plan), the full deployment of disclosure the remediation work. According to the special rectification goals, rectification work leading group responsible person said, in the short term, this is the specification of various types of Internet financial industry, but in the long run, a move designed to effectively play Internet financial support for public entrepreneurship, innovation (double) positive role. In this regard, many mutual gold coffee the first time to express their views. Pat loan CEO Zhang Jun: from the State Council "the implementation of the Internet financial risk rectification work program" and the CBRC issued the "Office of the state according to the spirit of the P2P network lending risk special rectification work plan" to analyze, for Internet banking and online lending regulation to interim provisions of the regulatory net credit of around four ministries issued in the determination of the net loan thirteen line "to carry out rectification work, not what big changes in the content, it is foreseeable in the remediation efforts on compliance will be greatly enhanced. In the two rectification embodiment repeatedly to implement "penetrating supervision", which means the specific nature of business supervision and rectification work will be a platform to engage in qualitative, many under the banner of "intelligent investment consulting, technology and finance under the banner of the platform, although the name is not P2P, but can not avoid the supervision and regulation. In addition, in the implementation of the plan, but also put a special work principle, that is, to combat illegal, legal protection. Clear the legal and illegal business, compliance and violations of the border, keep law and risk line." In this regard, the most important purpose is to establish a legal and compliance standards and boundaries for Internet banking, Internet banking to prevent systemic risk. Favorable network CEO Wu Yiran: before the programme and the documents are helping each other a gold field to establish and perfect the supervision, to provincial limit inferior environment, promote the healthy and sustainable development. Compliance is the basis for development. The implementation of the plan is conducive to promoting the further development of the Internet banking industry norms, net loan industry will form a long-term mechanism from the entry, compliance, risk and other aspects of a comprehensive. This means that the compliance of the company will be better to highlight, shortly after the cost of identifying the company’s investors will be greatly reduced. Jinxin network deputy general manager Li Yuwei: "plan" the implementation of the Internet financial risk special rectification work is from the national strategic level of Internet financial regulation and supervision of implementation of the work programme, concept and direction with the August 24th "business activity management information network lending agency provisional procedures" consistent. The object of the special rectification, including net lending institutions engaged in information intermediary services in accordance with the "guidance" requirements, including business, net loan alienation as credit intermediary agency name, each gold platform can refer to the implementation of the program to the mirror. The program requires P2P network lending platform should hold the legal bottom line and policy red line, the implementation of the nature of information intermediaries, shall not set up a pool of funds相关的主题文章: