October Zhengzhou second-hand housing turnover fell 50% of the price is still strong, many cities in the purchase of credit limit policy in the period of the introduction of the focus of the eleven holidays, the impact on the market in the end how? Yesterday morning, according to the National Bureau of statistics released in October 70 large and medium-sized city and the second half of the 10 Line and hot second tier city residential sales price changes, the 15 first tier and second tier city hot new commercial housing prices in 10 during the second half of the price compared with the first half, or are in decline or turned down. Zhengzhou housing prices in the second half of the 10 fell 0.1%. According to the regulation of the financial media reporter Zheng reported in early October second-hand housing market survey policy issued more than 1 months, in July and August once the hike, jump conditions are now less, the price also can talk. The financial media reporter Hu Zheng report data: the second half of the 10 trial Bing Seo Ji Hye Zhengzhou home prices fell by the National Bureau of statistics released the price changes in the 15 first tier and second tier city during the second half of the 10 hot spots. The results show that, with the first half of October than the second half of the 10 new commercial housing prices in Shenzhen and Chengdu 2 city continued to decline, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xiamen and Zhengzhou 5 city from up to down, fell between 0.1 and 0.4 percentage points; Guangzhou new commercial housing prices were flat; the remaining 7 city new commercial housing price chain or further down, the rate of decline between 0.4 and 3.3 percentage points. Data show that in the first half of October, Zhengzhou new commercial housing prices rose by 4.3% in the second half of October, the chain fell by 0.1%. Visit: second-hand housing turnover fell 50% compared to the October new home sales fell to 8 month lows, the reporter recently in a number of second-hand housing intermediary western suburbs, eastern suburbs, Beijiao interviews found that with the implementation and the impact of regulatory policy, since October the volume of second-hand housing transactions than usual fell about 50%, second-hand housing prices began to loosen, but there is no obvious decline. In several second-hand housing intermediary Tongbai Road North bunker, the reporter learned that the surrounding second-hand housing prices to 14 thousand yuan in 11 thousand yuan, the intermediary business personnel said, now consulting people buy less than before, if really want to buy a house, the seller usually want to price to discuss. Zheng Dong New District Xiangsheng Street twenty-first Century real estate outlets responsible Liu Chunying told reporters that the impact of regulatory policies on the second-hand housing transaction volume is very large, about shrinking by 50%, the trend of rising prices has weakened, but has not decreased significantly, it is both a stalemate. Two network jinshuiqu leader Ma Guotao introduced regulatory policy after the introduction of second-hand housing price hike, the single hop less, but the price of second-hand housing is still relatively strong, there are second-hand housing transaction price. Generally the seller may be anxious to spend money, etc., most did not fall, about 30% of the owners will cut prices, but the decline is not. Mainly in August and September prices rose up the house, the house may be inflated twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, the market should be able to Amoy to the price in July and August.相关的主题文章: