Once the money now buy micro car should have grade point – car Sohu about them, how many people will remind yourself that the struggle history memory? Also remember that drove the car after mid drive the star in the complex mountain in seckill all star price is several times of the car? The feeling of transcendence is not two. However, you cannot change the technology, the micro power and configuration behind the disadvantages is that before them. With the development of economy and technology, and how the car enterprises will meet has been doing such micro, micro has evolved, now many are in micro fuzzy positioning, between the van and MPV but in fact, this minivan is also popular today, the professor introduced several fashion "micro" to everyone. Wuling Hongguang S guidance price: 4.18-7.93 yuan S, although the overall shape of Hongguang retained with the "box car" figure, but the details can still reflect some fashionable breath. Such as engine bulge lines, reflecting a certain sense of muscle, lateral link and waist line, let the body look more slender. While at the rear of the vehicle to the side of the black glass and high brake lights also let S than the old minivan Hongguang has a stronger sense. The interior, S has been in favor of Hongguang car interiors. Although the material is hard plastic, but the workmanship and quality than the previous micro console has improved, although the function is simple, but also has the external audio and radio the entertainment function, worthy of praise is the console button is very large, it is very easy to use. Ride quality, Hongguang S provides 1.2L and 1.5L two cars, respectively 86PS and 112PS maximum power, manual transmission, a journey is long and hung in the sense is not strong, need time to adapt, the other gear are relatively smooth. Chassis, in addition to the two models with the lowest accident, the use of the five link independent suspension, although it is not very advanced, but also better than the shock filter plate suspension models on a lot of good. Changan onuo guidance price: 3.59-5.39 yuan auneau the other relative with the Auchan is not so streamlined, overall is still being compared. The front with a chrome grille with hollow design, more sense of hierarchy, while the fog is used as the standard, in addition to the use of outside, also let the face look not too monotonous. The tail of the car with a black border with glass and a spoiler high brake lights, more dynamic fashion. Interior, due to the function is not much, so the shape is relatively simple, mainly rigid plastic materials, but also a normal performance. The depth of color collocation makes perception more harmonious. The configuration, four electric windows and electric rearview mirror and headlight height adjustment are equipped with. Join the electric control device, the biggest difference is auneau and low level of micro surface. Power, equipped with 1.3L and onuo 1.5L engine, maximum power of 98PS and 106PS, is the only manual. 1.5L’s model is still easy to drive with 5 adults, No.相关的主题文章: