Open content sharing, Phoenix + a little information content of the new eco technology Sohu Yu Jian Trump was elected president of the United States is undoubtedly a heavy political news, attracted many people eat melon eyes; but in the media field, this week also has a news compelling, it is old Shen Chen Tong left millet, join a little information as CEO, concurrently Co president. The old heavy return to the media circle is the first thing to further open up the Phoenix and a little information sharing. High quality content + algorithm to meet the needs of the model? Although it is also emphasized that the recommendation algorithm, but compared with today’s headlines, a little bit of information in the content of the tone of the choice is very different, which is largely due to the characteristics of phoenix. As a well-known "integrity" of the media, face in the crowd is mainly mature values and judgment in tellacrowdhigh, the crowd and the headlines today are very different for people. Therefore, although the same is a new era of content platform technology pioneers, are based on digital algorithms, has its own engine of interest and recommendation mechanisms, but the quality of information content on a little higher. In the headlines has gradually been the title of the party and the eyes of the blog article occupied at the same time, standing behind a little bit of information Phoenix did not completely content tonality this thing is also handed over to the technology. + a little information, to establish a set of circulation system of content quality content will flow to a point of information seeking more exposure, a high-quality information from the media and the content will also flow to, can find the real "folk master" from among them, and then connect these contents and Phoenix, giving two artificial quality content recommendation and distribution, to maximize the value of content and the author make good. At the same time, there is such a benign flow, both of them can make full use of their advantages, rather than to meet the new competitive environment and forced transformation. From the portal type display to precise push "changed and unchanged under the impact of the mobile Internet, Internet media content has greatly changed from the display form, PC portal era, into a personalized recommendation. This is actually a revolution in user needs, but also a huge change in the content of the ecology. First of all, the premise content recommendation engine model is popular rich content, from the beginning of the traditional media era, the news media are all on display mode, because the news itself is limited, the ability of a media content creation is limited, but with the age of Web 2 stimulated UGC content the creativity of the whole network for the user to read the content greatly increased, which is the basis of the recommendation engine in the form of. Secondly, the screen becomes smaller, the user time becomes broken, the user’s demand for information gradually from the search and active browsing, passively waiting for the recommendation, the user becomes lazy". This also allows you to constantly refresh the content, each time the contents of the contents of the change will be more popular recommendation engine model..相关的主题文章: