Pregnant mother birth can affect sexual life? That’s ridiculous! – Sohu women will affect the sex life of maternal and child birth? Ridiculous! Now, more and more people choose a caesarean section, not only because of pain, but worried that the delivery will affect the future life. So, this view is correct? Here is a small series with you together to understand. They were identified in the pelvis during pregnancy 34-37 weeks, which determines the mode of delivery. Women have different ways of giving birth, and their reproductive system is not the same. Women often than Caesarean birth to recover faster. The reproductive system of eutocia puerpera in postpartum 42 days will be able to return to the previous. It will take 56 days to return to prenatal care. Choose a birth maternal uterus is complete, bleeding time is short, lateral or perineal laceration and perineum cut, slow healing. Caesarean section due to incision, all the recovery time longer. Therefore, the birth effects of life is wrong. What is the reason that lead to vaginal relaxation? Actually, the pelvic floor muscles and fascia of the female stretch greatly, it supports pelvic organs (uterus, vagina, bladder and rectum), allow them to maintain the correct position. In the process of childbirth, will cause the pelvic floor muscles and fascia injury, but recovered 42 days of prenatal birth status. In the production process, the damage is in the lower end of the vagina, the sexual life is not affected. Whether you choose vaginal delivery or caesarean section, with the increase of age, due to a variety of factors, the female pelvic floor muscles will gradually lose their elasticity, damage to the pelvic floor function. How to prevent postpartum vaginal relaxation 1 pregnancy to maintain a reasonable weight. Read the above content, believe that you have to understand the birth recovered faster than the caesarean section, so pregnant women should maintain a reasonable weight during pregnancy, so that the fetus is not too big, is conducive to more conducive to the birth, postpartum recovery. 2 appropriate exercise during pregnancy. In addition, more walking during pregnancy, do some yoga is more conducive to childbirth, postpartum recovery fast. 3 within 42 days postpartum, do not mention heavy objects, to avoid uterine prolapse. 4 postpartum for 42 days to the hospital for pelvic floor muscle function examination. Reminder: women are not in her within 40 days after delivery, caesarean section if it is within 2 months is not. During the month, women do not touch the water, do not eat spicy food, do not do heavy exercise, in order to avoid the uterine prolapse.相关的主题文章: