Prosecutors at the Department of common crime suspects South Korea Park Geun hye political news Xinhua News Agency – Sohu decide on what path to follow in November 20, Seoul (international observation) prosecutors Pu Jinhui directed at South Korea’s political situation decide on what path to follow the Xinhua News Agency reporters Yao Qilin and South Korean prosecutors 20 days of "trusted intervention" event key figures in Cui Shunshi and President Park Geun hye Ann and Zheng Hucheng Jong core staff filed a lawsuit in the indictment, and clearly pointed out that park Geun hye is conspiracy crime suspects, led to a public outcry. Analysts pointed out that, although subject to the constitution, the prosecution is currently unable to prosecute the incumbent president, but as president, Pu Jinhui became a suspect, the authority of the government’s leadership is clearly a serious setback. In the face of the raging waves, seized overbearing public opinion and the opposition party step by step, Pu Jinhui a week to frequently take the initiative, but she wants to regain control of the political situation, facing difficulties. Pu Jinhui carried out the back this week, in the face of "trusted intervention" events continue to simmer, Pu Jinhui went on the attack, before a change of the reclusive and cautious, the release of a strong signal to step down. Park 16 instructed the Ministry of justice, a thorough investigation of Busan Haeundae landmark project developers involved in bribery case, this is the South Korean media criticism as an attempt to divert attention. South Korean prosecutors earlier this week issued an ultimatum, the latest requirements of Park Geun hye surveyed in 18 days ago, but Pu Jinhui will investigate the time delay. Analysts said that Pu Jinhui is hoping to drag the investigation to the prosecution of the prosecution, such as Cui Shunshi, in order to release the indictment according to the time to decide their next steps. In addition, the Chong Wa Dae recently had changed the negative attitude, a prominent position on the front page of the website opened for Pu Jinhui in the area of rumors, "ferry sinking day" disappeared "7 hour hot rumors were clarified. There are indications that park Geun hye hopes to show the outside world still has the right to control the internal affairs of diplomacy, intended to save the people. Analysts believe that the reason why Pu Jinhui from defensive to offensive, largely because see the opposition did not get popular support. Gallup South Korea’s latest poll results show that the first big opposition Democratic Party support rate has been three consecutive weeks at the end of 31%, did not rise significantly. There is still no unified opinion on the political situation within the opposition camp. Three opposition parties should be in talks with the president, the prime minister’s recommendation and the specific program of the president to step down, there are still big differences. South Korea, "Central Daily News" 19 editorial pointed out that the opposition should launch a reasonable plan as soon as possible, clean up the mess, if only in the hope that the public candlelight vigil, such opposition does not have the qualification administration. Difficult to control the situation at present, South Korea Park Geun hye’s appeal against. Gallup latest poll results show that South Korea’s support rate has been three weeks in a row to stay at 5%, up to 90% of the people expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling. On the evening of 19, Seoul massive rallies for park Geun hye down again. According to organizers, about 600 thousand people attended the rally. In addition to Seoul, Daegu, Kwangju, Daejeon and Jeju 6.相关的主题文章: