Qiu Shaoyun never left   – Chongqing windows — people.com.cn September 28th, served as the five director and curator Wang Chengjin (right two) gathered at the Qiu Shaoyun Memorial hall. This group of pictures special photography Su September 28th, Third National Martyrs Memorial Day eve, we came to Qiu Shaoyun’s hometown – Tongliang. In the memorial hall, in the town of Shaoyang, we found in the school, Qiu Shaoyun’s spirit has inspired generations of Tongliang people. Hero, never leave. In the Qiu Shaoyun Memorial Hall "did not think of me again from the hero so close" in the morning, Tongliang Fengshan top, Qiu Shaoyun Memorial Museum, 53 year old Wang Chengjin came here early in the morning as usual. See the cleaners are cleaning the base of the monument to the hero of Qiu Shaoyun, he took the water pipe, while carefully cleaning, from time to time to look up to the high statue of a hero. Qiu Shaoyun Memorial Hall since the 1962 opening, an average of 300 thousand visitors a year. Wang Chengjin is the current director of the martyrs memorial hall, is also the ninth director of the. In 1987 he demobilized from the army came to the memorial work so far. Old Wang Chengjin in the town of Shaoyang home with Qiu Shaoyun home just across a brook. When I was a child, "Qiu Shaoyun" three words, often from his parents and neighbors mouth. Primary school grade five, Wang Chengjin for the first time and the school’s small partners came to the city of the martyrs memorial hall in the city of Qiu Shaoyun. That day morning they started, 25 kilometers of the road take the whole 5 hours, Wang Chengjin’s little feet grind big blisters. At the memorial, Wang Chengjin cried! The heroic deeds of the martyrs appeared in front of him for the first time. "Qiu Shaoyun is amazing!" Wang Chengjin said to himself in his heart. After graduating from high school, grow into a big boy Wang Chengjin had no choice but to join the army. In 1987, Wang Chengjin jobs, was assigned to the Qiu Shaoyun memorial hall, joy, glorious and proud…… All kinds of emotions in my heart. "I never thought I could be so close to the hero again." In the memorial, Wang Chengjin worked in accounting, cashier, office secretary and interpreter…… He is not familiar with every cultural relic in the memorial. Every summer, he will arrange the librarian will coat pieces of cultural relics such as martyrs carefully take out fanshai. In order to prevent the wind from blowing away cotton pieces, he often waited at the side. "You know, the cotton pieces once close to the martyrs of the heart, where should the slightest careless?" Currently, Qiu Shaoyun martyrs memorial hall is undergoing second large-scale maintenance. Yang Jianguo, director of the fourth memorial hall still clearly remember that the first large-scale maintenance in 1991. Qiu Shaoyun monument was originally made of cement, to the last century, month after month and year after year, 90s, the Martyrs Monument and sculpture has had a lot of damage. In 1991, Yang Jianguo called for the maintenance of the monument everywhere, it is proposed to replace the bronze statue of the bronze statue of cement, to maintain the image of the hero Qiu Shaoyun. I heard that the maintenance of Qiu Shaoyun Ji相关的主题文章: