Rape into online hot words! Hugo Ng: don’t take "Hugo Ng TVB II" return ship Chen Kailin father role, show the wild side. (picture) Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 31st news, according to Hongkong media reports, TVB’s "II" ship finally last night on high days Eagle (Hugo Ng [micro-blog]) daughter Chen Kailin (Chen Kailin) violation of play, although point to, Chen Kailin was not raped, but has become hot words online. The play with the audience into the show, there are 25 points, up 2 points. High day to get Chen Kailin Eagle said: "I love you don’t want to you! What so?" Enough cheap gold, some netizens praised his performance level of god. The original is Hugo Ng himself to dialogue, he laughed and said: "a telephone interview to act! Wrong! Never learn!" "II" in the high day eagle ship to Chen Kailin had ambiguous foreshadowing, he was frightened and peeping daughter a bath, she avoided the father. Last night on high days Eagle came to the door, he displeased with Chen Kailin Chen Kailin on the enemy Luo Weixin, crazy hands. Forced her to the wall to pinch the neck, tesujis are now buried and kissing, also said: "I love you don’t want to you! What so?" Put her on the shoulder and into the room. Chen Kailin barking struggles high pressure kissing her vulture. Finally Chen Kailin cried and said, "you are my Daddy!" He did not stop to leave. Chen Kailin: no embarrassment when shooting producer Wang Xinwei said the ship "II" ratings rose 2 points, an average of 25 points. For the days of high plot Eagle Chen Kailin go beyond that, she said this is not a hardcore drama, as women of his behavior has been difficult to accept, but he is still human, she called Daddy awake to stop. Wang Xinwei also repeatedly praised the performance of Hugo Ng is in place. Chen Kailin a telephone interview, said that tensions this scene aired last night also, but did not see her boyfriend Kevin Cheng [micro-blog]. She said: "the overall good, the role of more levels, I also try to do, I hope the audience to see my progress, I think OK. The more difficult the role of the future can be analyzed more detailed." She also said that she had seen the script, so no embarrassment when filming, and Hugo Ng also communicate well, we have rehearsals, so only a few photos will be completed. When broadcast splicing is very good, this is the director of credit, on her contact with the director, the other side also said love this scene, she played very well. Hugo Ng: we have the skills to pinch neck tesujis Hugo Ng said the response of the audience is also very good, some people call him bad, afraid he was good. Asked when he shot Chen Kailin pinched neck tesujis is very terrible? He said: "there is a rehearsal before the film, she is holding a skill, will not hurt her. The play Chen Kailin to be very scared, really, really afraid of Chen Kailin, so we have to shoot the shooting method to cooperate with each other." He is crazy on high days Eagle daughter explained that his character is fall in love’s feelings for Chen Kailin, she had to go with his most hated person. The word "I love you not to engage you! What so?" He came out with the director, a few different before filming相关的主题文章: